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Can you really use gamification to increase mployee motivation and engagement?

Is gamification just the latest management fad?

As organizations have become more focused on business objectives, gamification has increased because it can help the workplace become more engaging and productive.

Gamification changes the rules of engagement and inspires employees to change behaviors as a result.

When you make work more fun, you get more and better work. And “when you reward customers for engaging in fun, easy activities, they engage more often and more deeply.

Gamification represents the fusion of four trends:

• the explosion of social media usage
• the mobile revolution
• the rise of big data
• the emergence of wearable computing

In order to understand the impact of gamification on employee engagement and motivation, we need to understand how and why it works. In addition we need to learn the keys necessary to implement gamification successfully (and authentically) in a business.

Learn the basics of gamification and game design for customer and employee engagement and loyalty!


Executive Masterclass on Gamification

Using Game Designs and Thinking to Engage
and Motivate Your Employees


March 22, 2018
8:30 AM to 5:30 PM
Marco Polo Ortigas Center, Pasig City, Philippines


877-6502 | 832-1409
370-9961 to 63
(Globe) 0917-3257870
(Smart) 0919-6142598


Course Description

Gamification is the application of game psychology and game mechanics into real life or non-game settings which has been increasingly used to address the lack of engagement in various businesses today with proven results.

In this age of connectivity and social media, orthodox means of recruiting new talent are increasingly defunct and L&D managers are struggling to engage existing talent with boring e-learning solutions. This disengagement also extends to other HR areas such as compliance training, safety and health, innovation management, and culture building.

Keith Ng is the co-founder of Gametize, a gamification platform platform serving both MNCs and SMEs, with more than 200,000 users and 10 million completed challenges since 2012. In this one-day executive masterclass, Keith Ng will illustrate how Gametize and other organizations have used gamification to solve different HR issues, and maintain engagement with the best and brightest talent of today, through the exploration of case studies and a practical hands-on session.

This Masterclass will be in 2 parts: The first half will be focused on theories, and the 2nd part will be a practical workshop requiring the use of a laptop to learn the basics of Gametize Platform and to start creating your first gamification experience. The end goal of this Masterclass is to enable participants to create their first game, and also to earn the inaugural Gametize Certification (Level 1).

Course Objectives

The specific objectives of this unique fun-filled learning experience are;

• The psychology and motivation theories behind gamification;
• Current trends and case studies in gamification for employee engagement;
• Key fundamentals of gamification and Gametize’s design framework;
• How to leverage various digital tools to create a gamified experience; and
• Turning & cheating behaviors into a leverage for HR objectives.

Key benefits from attending this executive masterclass

In this session, your organization will be able to:

• Gain a working knowledge of what gamification is
• Identify groups within and outside of their organizations that would be suitable to target using gamified experiences
• Learn how to design gamified experiences using Gametize’s design framework to meet organization-specific goals

In this session, your participants will be able to:

• Gain a fair understanding of gamification for application in HR
• Create their first gamification experience powered by Gametize Platform
• Become a Gametize-Certified professional

Who Should Attend?

This executive masterclass is suitable to a wide range of professionals but will greatly benefit:

• Building or thinking of building a digital product and exploring various techniques to motivate users
• New to gamification and interested to learn about what it is and how it can be utilized
• Implementing gamification for consumers, employee (HR or L&D) engagement and
• wishing to explore a platform on which they can develop their content

Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction to Gamification
Participants to be introduced to the concept of gamification and the usage of game elements across different technologies and channels.

Module 2: Gamification Use Cases
Participants will learn of various use cases of gamification to meet different types of objectives, both on the Gametize platform and that of other solution providers. Each use case will provide learning points for successes and areas of improvement.

Module 3: Motivation & Gamification Frameworks
Participants to learn about how gamification drives motivation. Participants will also be introduced to a several motivation frameworks and gamification frameworks, including Gametize’s design framework, which they can use to structure their gamified experiences.

Module 4: Design your Gamification Experience
Participants will design their own gamified experience based on the Gametize design framework with guidance from facilitators. This session will conclude with a showcase and discussion of several participants’ frameworks to their group of peers.

Module 5: Gametize Platform Walkthrough
This session will guide participants through the Gametize Platform. During this walkthrough, participants will be able to explore the interface and features of Gametize in a structured, logical manner. By the end of this session, participants will be able to create a complete Gametize experience, from creating interactive challenges to setting achievements and rewards.

Module 6: Presentation & Feedback
Participants will be able to present their game to their group of peers, and receive feedback of their game from peers and facilitators. During this time, participants are welcome to explore more advanced features of the Gametize Platform and to participate in a Q&A session with the facilitators.


This session will consist of a variety of proven adult learning techniques to ensure maximum understanding, comprehension and retention of the information presented.

This interactive and hands-on session will comprise of various discussions, presentations, and mini-exercises so as to maximize participants’ engagement. The participants will have several opportunities throughout the session to brainstorm and receive feedback for their gamified solutions, using the knowledge they have gained of motivational frameworks and game elements during the workshop.

The participants will also receive a detailed walkthrough demonstration of the Gametize Platform, during which they will be able to put their ideas into practice. During this period, they will receive guidance and support from the facilitators to ensure they are able to create an experience that is engaging and fun, while fulfilling their desired outcomes.

Learning Investment for this 1-Day Executive Masterclass:

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LEARNING INVESTMENT INCLUDES: A "Fun-filled" learning experience,
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