We customize our training programs to match the needs of your organization and people.

Programs We Offer
On Leadership and Supervision
  • Basic and Advance Level of Supervision
  • Developing Team Leadership Skills
  • Holistic Leadership on the Go!
  • Leadership through Power Conversation ®
  • Transitioning from Staff Member to Supervisor
  • Management Training for Non-Managers
  • Practical Problem Solving and Decision-Making
  • Pro-Active Supervision and Leadership Skills
  • Supervisory Coaching and Mentoring Skills
Customer Service Modules
  • Towards a Customer-Centric Culture
  • Building Customer Service Quality (CQM)
  • Customer Relations Management (CRM)
  • Measures of Superlative Customer Satisfaction
  • Front-line Customer Service Performance
  • Going Beyond Customer Service
  • CUSTOMER LOYALTY: Keep Them Coming Back!
  • SERVE-BEST: Delighting the Customer Workshop
  • Strategic and Tactical Workshop for Service Team
  • Service Marketing: Creating a Loyal Customer Value, Satisfaction & Loyalty
Performance and Motivational Management
  • Driving Excellent Work Habits
  • Managing Time-Managing Stress
  • Empowering the Front-Liners
  • Management Skills for Executive Secretaries & Admin Professionals
  • Enhancing Self Motivation and Discipline
  • Motivation for Optimum Performance
  • Power Coaching for Peak Performance
  • Professional Excellence for Secretaries
  • Enhancing Self Motivation and Discipline
  • The Intelligent Heart-EQ at Work
  • The Power of Emotional Quotient & Emotional Intelligence
  • Managing Time and Multi-Tasking Techniques
  • Values Education and Enrichment
  • Winning Moves of Work Champions
  • Work Attitude & Values Enhancement
  • How to be a Motivational Manager
  • Creative Decision Making and Critical Thinking
  • How to Deal with Unacceptable Employee Behavior
  • How to Manage Conflict & Confrontation
Call Center Training Modules
  • Creating an Edge: Delivering Superior Customer Service
  • Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty Measurement
  • Effective Tele-Sales Techniques
  • Gearing Up for a Call Center Career
  • Professional Tele-Marketing Techniques
  • Strategic and Technical Workshop for Service Teams
Technical Training Programs
  • ISO 9000 Internal Assessor’s Training
  • ISO 9000 Documenting and Implementing
  • ISO 9000:2000 Briefing
  • ISO 9000 Assessors’ Training
  • Occupational Health and Safety
Organizational Development Programs
  • Creative Training Design Techniques
  • Developing and Implementing Job Satisfaction Survey
  • Job Analysis and Formulation of Job Description
  • Job Evaluation and Salary Administration
  • Managing Change in a Fast-paced Workplace
  • Training the Corporate Power Trainer
  • Strategic Visioning and Planning Workshop
  • The Training Cycle Workshop
  • Installing a Performance Management System
  • How to Effectively Diagnose Organizational Culture
  • Managing Organizational Change : A Culture That Transforms Organizations
Marketing and Sales Programs
  • 12 P’s of Transformational Marketing Mix: Creating Cutting-Edge Competitiveness
  • Accounting Development & Cross-Selling Techniques
  • Advance Key Accounts Management
  • Advance Creative Salesmanship
  • Building a Sales Winning Attitude
  • Building Creative Selling Strategies
  • Consultative Selling
  • Converting Market Plans to Actionable Sales Plans
  • Cutting-Edge Key Account Management
  • Effective Brand and Product Management
  • Effective Field Salesmanship Workshop
  • Innovative Tele-Sales Techniques
  • Energizing the Sales Force
  • Enhancing Project Management Skills
  • Fundamental Selling Strategies and Techniques: The Filipino Art of Breakthrough Selling
  • Guerrilla Sales Tactics
  • High-Impact Sales and Business Presentation Skills
  • Managing Your Sales Results: Performance Management
  • Marketing Forecasting and Planning
  • Mastering Marketing and Competitive Intelligence
  • Strategic Sales Negotiation®
  • Persuasive Sales Presentations
  • Sales Influencing and Convincing
  • Sales Strategies and Negotiating Nuances ®
  • Salesmanship Techniques for Technical and Service Personnel
  • Strategic Business, Market Planning and Development
  • Tactics in Closing More Sales
  • Effective Territory Planning and Business Development Mapping
  • How to Make Sales When You Don’t Like Selling
  • Total Quality Driven-Selling Management
  • Effective Management for Dealers & Distributors
On Accounting and Finance
  • Managing Financial Wellness
  • Accounting for Non-Accountants
  • Effective Collection Strategies and Receivables Management
  • Fundamentals of Finance and Accounting for Non Financial Managers
  • Innovative Credit and Collection Techniques 
  • Receivables Management
  • Advance Credit & Collection Strategies
  • Effective Payroll Management
  • Advance Management Accounting
  • Bookkeeping and Basic Finance
On Cutting-Edge Communications
  • Breaking Through Writer’s Block
  • Business Writing for Sales and Marketing Assistants
  • Communications that Works!
  • Public Speaking and Presentation Skills
  • Professional Report Writing for Account Executives.
  • Sharpening Work Skills for Better Secretarial & Administrative- Support Performance
  • Editorial and Creative Writing
  • Make your Business English Work Today!
  • Power Speaking Skills through Mind Mapping ®
On Mini-MBA Series
  • Mini-MBA on Marketing: Creating Value-Based Business/Marketing/Sales Propositions
  • Mini-MBA for Executive Assistants, Secretaries and Admin Professionals
  • Mini-MBA for Managers and Executives: Essential Skills for Successful Management
  • Mini-MBA on Customer Relations Management
  • Mini-MBA for HR Professionals: Essentials of Human Resource Management
  • Mini-MBA on Financial Management: Building Finance Into Your Management
Competency-Based HR Series
  • Talent Acquisition: Recruitment & Selection
  • Job Assessment and Alignment
  • Salary Structure and Design
  • Development of HR Policies and Procedures
  • The Fundamentals of Building & Designing Balanced Scorecard
  • Career Development and Evaluating Training Effectiveness
  • Compensation and Benefits
  • Succession Planning
  • Company Policy: Elements of Administrative Investigation & Progressive Discipline
  • Updates on Labor Law and Jurisprudence
  • The Essentials of HR Law
  • How to Design and Implement Effective HR Audit Program
  • Strategic Human Resource Management
  • Collaborative Leadership Skills for HR Professionals
  • Think Like A CEO! Entrepreneurial Thinking: A New Mindset for HR Professionals
  • Development of HR Policies and Procedures
  • Managing Contractors and Temporary Employees
  • Effective Talent Intelligence
  • Workforce Strategy: Optimizing the Potential of Your Workforce
Other Programs
  • 5S’+ 2S Record and File Management
  • Corporate Image Enhancement Series
  • Entrepreneurial Decision Making ®
  • Environmental Law Awareness Seminar
  • Event Management That Works!:How To Manage Corporate Events Successfully
  • Personality Enhancement Skills
  • Power Dressing and Style
  • Managing the Purchasing Management Relations
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Business and Social Protocol
  • Effective Purchasing & Procurement
  • Environmental Conflict Management Course
  • Implementing A World Class Food Safety System
  • Safety and Pollution Control
  • Social Acceptability Training Course
  • Six Sigma Training
  • Logistics and Warehouse Management
  • Developing Project Management Skills
Team Alignment and Team Building
We shall tailor-fit our modules to meet the Capacity needs of your Organization and enhance the current Competencies of your people.
We aim to meet your targeted business expectations via on-site delivery of our programs.
In-house Training saves you time, effort and money. Our professional Trainers and Facilitators shall visit and conduct the program on-site; hence you save travel and accommodation costs of Trainees.
Our Partner-Speakers and Facilitators are Subject Matter Experts in various fields. They are Developers and Enablers of mega learning experiences, a mix of both knowledge and practice to add real value to your organization and people.
Discover how we can assist you in providing customized solutions to your toughest business needs and challenges.
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