PARALEGAL: Business Contract Law for Non-Legal Professionals

Contracts and agreements are important for conducting business for all sizes of companies. In earlier decades, there were few written business contracts, and many business and personal deals were done with a handshake. If a problem arose, the two parties could take the issue to court, and a judge would hear the case even if the contract was not put into writing.

While a verbal contract is still legal (except for in specific situations), most contracts are documented in written form. Contracts have become increasingly detailed these days, and every effort is made to make all possibilities and eventualities clear.

This virtual MasterClass is essential to ensure secure development of your business and as part of any risk management strategy a formal understanding of complex contract law is essential in today’s global environment. It is important for a corporation to have a high level of contractual governance particularly in the era of e-commerce.

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Business Contract Law

for Non-Legal Professionals

Thursday, January 27, 2022

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Course Description

Businesses often have lawyers, or even an entire legal department, to draft and review contracts. However, in our fast-paced business environment accelerated by digital technology, it is the managers (not the lawyers) who are actually at the forefront of contract negotiation, interpretation, implementation and enforcement.

Even though expert help may be within reach, it is crucial for management to know at least the basics of contract law to enhance their forecasting, decision-making, problem-solving, and risk-taking skills, especially when the exercise of business judgment necessitates choosing from among several alternatives in resolving issues with legal implications, and in moving forward.

Thus, when negotiating and contracting has already become part of a manager’s responsibilities and tasks, it is essential that he or she possesses fundamental knowledge, skills and abilities to intelligently and creatively propose and customize often-used scripts, templates and forms with confidence and ease to suit pressing business needs, close deals, and meet obligations; hence, this virtual MasterClass.

In this virtual intensive MasterClass, business owners, executives, managers, supervisors and office paralegals would be able to learn the basics of the law on obligations and contracts, and apply it to their business.

Understanding Managers:

  • Most managers have zero or little skills in contract review and drafting (compared to lawyers and paralegals);
  • They aspire to be masters of negotiation but their lack of legal knowledge and skills discourages them from pursuing their dreams;
  • Lack of confidence or lack of legal knowledge and skills, or both, make them overly dependent on lawyers when legalities are involved (which often is the case); 
  • Most managers, who are risk-takers, often feel constrained by overly cautious lawyers; and
  • Thus, some tend to rely entirely on trust and word of honor leaving them too much exposed when their personal or business relationships turn sour.

Course Objectives

The specific objectives of this meaningful and practical learning experience are to adequately address the following problems:

1. Inexperience:

Managers who lack legal experience, education or expertise tend to be either too rigid or too dependent on lawyers. This may result to a legalistic or very conservative approach to business.

2. Inconsistent:

Managers often have many operational and business considerations in mind. This can lead to a lack of system or standard procedures in entering into contracts, which can result to inefficiencies, losses or setbacks.

3. Ill-Advised:  

Managers who normally take calculated risks sometimes rely on gut feel, relationships and even wrong advice due to urgency or exigency. They may find out later that the risk they have taken is too costly for the business.

Key Benefits from Attending this MasterClass

Key benefits from attending this virtual intensive MasterClass:

In this MasterClass, your participants and your organization will be able to:

  • Know the essentials of the law on obligations and contracts;
  • Apply this knowledge and develop skills in contract negotiation, drafting and review, as well as in contract interpretation, implementation and enforcement; and
  • Have more confidence in business forecasting, decision-making, problem-solving and risk-taking even when faced with legalities and other matters with legal implications. 
Who Should Attend?

Who Should Attend?

This MasterClass is suitable to a wide range of professionals but will greatly benefit:

Business owners, executives, managers, supervisors and office paralegals, as well as lawyers, accountants, and human resource professionals.

Course Outline

Session 1: Obligations and Contracts, Explained

  • Definition of Obligation
  • Definition of Contract
  • Essential Elements of Valid Contracts
  • Void, Voidable and Unenforceable Contracts  

Session 2: Basic Principles of Contract Law

  • Freedom of Parties to Stipulate
  • Private Law Between Parties
  • Good Faith – Bad Faith Rule
  • Definite Period -versus- Indefinite Period
  • Suspensive Condition -versus- Resolutory Condition
  • Delay -versus- Default
  • Rules on Interpretation of Contracts
  • Extinguishment of Contracts
  • Force Majeure

Session 3: Mutual Consent of Contracting Parties

  • Definition of Consent
  • Offer and Acceptance
  • Proof of Consent
  • Legal Capacity
  • Effect of Lack of Consent
  • Fraud 
  • Mistake

Session 4: Object or Purpose of Contract

  • Definition of Object 
  • Proof of Object and Purpose 
  • Legality of Object and Purpose
  • Effect of Lack of Object or Purpose

Session 5: Cause or Consideration of Contract

  • Definition of Cause or Consideration
  • Proof of Cause or Consideration
  • Legality of Cause or Consideration
  • Effect of Lack of Cause or Consideration

Session 6: Unwritten Contracts

  • Unwritten Contract -versus- Written Contract
  • How to Prove and Enforce an Unwritten Contract
  • Damages
  • Legal Interest

Session 7: Written Contracts

  • Essential Parts of a Written Contract
  • Formal Requisites of Contracts
  • Notarization 
  • How to Prove and Enforce a Written Contract
  • Liquidated Damages 
  • Stipulated Interest and Penalty
  • Recommended Provisions in a Written Contract

Session 8: Electronic Contracts

  • Definition of an Electronic Document
  • Electronic Signature -versus- Digital Signature
  • How to Prove and Enforce an Electronic Contract
  • Conclusion and Recommendation
  • Open Forum


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