Work Attitude and Values Enhancement Program

Cultivating a Positive Attitude for Professional Excellence


Attitude is defined as a mental state involving beliefs, feelings, values and dispositions

to act in certain ways. Given this fact and when people are convinces of the personal benefits

of a positive attitude adjustment, they openly and willingly change their attitudes for the better

in order to achieve the organizational mandate. 


Values are generally defined as ethical standards and universal norms, which are treasured

and upheld; while enhancement is something that raises the value of a certain thing. A good sense of work ethics is one critical element that can lead people achieve higher productivity, which in turn, can positively drive an organization to its peak of success!


 Attitude is becoming a key to our success. With a positive attitude, we will have the ability

to be happier each day, make others around us happier, and live a good life.


An attempt is made in this webinar to contribute to the ongoing discussions on the issue of the challenges of the workforce development from the perspective of positive attitude in helping youth to face emergent professional work and life challenges in times of uncertainty. 

MasterClass 3.0

W.A.V.E 2.0

Work Attitude and Values Enhancement Program

(Part 1: Wednesday April 21, 2021 | 10:00 AM – 12:00 NN PHT)

How To Thrive In The New Normal of Work

(Part 2: Wednesday April 21, 2021 | 2:00 PM – 5:00 PM PHT)

Strengthen Your Growth Mindset in the Midst of the Pandemic

Speaker: Coach Randy A. Esguerra

Chief Life Coach and Motivational Speaker

Management Consultant

Sought-After Leadership & Personal Transformation Speaker

Partner, ARIVA Speakers Bureau


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Webinar Description:

In today’s challenging times and global economy, competitive advantage is increasingly gained from the effective use of knowledge, skills and positive attitude. As a result, investment in developing attitude has increased significantly in the last few years. A highly skilled and motivated workforce is a pre-requisite for growth and progression of knowledge based global economy. Knowledge-intensive businesses depend heavily on access to high-level skills, both in terms of specialist knowledge and in terms of the ability to demonstrate along with a spectrum of positive attitude that are crucial to participate in the new business normal.

The CoVid-19 pandemic has brought about tremendous changes in both professional and personal aspects of life. Many businesses have closed, livelihoods affected but on the other hand many flourished and started to pivot. Throughout this entire season of uncertainty the future does seem unclear with factors that are currently shaping the economy. How do we survive if not thrive in this period of confusion, and how do we turn things around for the better? This online season aims to answer these questions and more. 

The webinar revolves around two important points: Work attitudes and Values. Coincidentally these are symbiotic of each other. Without the right attitudes there won’t be any value. Work Attitude and Values Enhancement (WAVE 2.0) online learning session are designed to bring together individual and organizational work values and match them into alignment. This webinar allows the participants to discover their personal vision, mission and values which they had to check for alignment with the organization. The webinar shall specifically define the core values of service, timeliness, team effort, hard work, and quality; and present how they can effectively influence the drive to high productivity and to thrive in the new normal.

What Employees Will Learn in a WAVE 2.0 Webinar

After participating in a WAVE 2.0 webinar, an employee should learn how their individual roles in the organization contribute to the overall transformation of the organization. Individuals should learn to identify and clarify their personal values and goals as they relate to the organization’s values and goals. They can then make a commitment to modify their work attitude and behavior to be in alignment with both their personal goals and values and the goals and values of the organization.

Benefits of a WAVE 2.0 Webinar for Employees

Employees can benefit from participating in WAVE 2.0 webinar by learning to be more productive at work and have better attitudes about their jobs. Internalizing the work attitude and value enhancement principles (WAVE) can be a step toward career success for an employee. When employees have better attitudes about their jobs, they have more interest in doing their jobs to the best of their abilities and are more willing to go beyond the call of duty to make sure that the organization’s mission is fulfilled.

Benefits of a WAVE 2.0 Webinar for Employers

Work Attitude and Value Enhancements (WAVE) webinar can be beneficial to companies looking to increase the morale and productivity of their employees.

An employer cannot completely control an employees attitude, but employees who internalize WAVE principles often are harder workers, more organized, better able to navigate setbacks, and more likely to address problems with the person in a position to resolve them. This can lead to happier employees and a much more productive workforce.

Webinar Outline:

Part 1: How To Thrive In The New Normal Of Work

COVID-19 has changed everything, we are now all staying at home, working from home and social distancing. As we slowly adjust to a new normal, How exactly will businesses and workers adapt? 


With the science of coronavirus maturing at a rapid clip, and public health agencies continuing to update recommendations for safe workplaces, business continues to be fundamentally disrupted by a phenomenon that nobody saw coming. Particularly whiplash-inducing is the realization that the places and ways we work are now health hazards. Spaces and workplace cultures – intentionally designed to inspire collaboration and innovation – have been rendered obsolete by remote work. 


HR practitioners will be essential in shaping the post COVID workplace – which is likely to be the most drastic workplace transformation in our lifetime. Many employees wondering what comes next and are seeking answers. Coach Randy Esguerra will help you and your organization on how you can thrive in the New normal of work in Short, Medium and Long term.

AM Session: Tectonic Shift

Session 1: The current state of affairs

  • Work From Home
  • Safety and Quarantine Protocols
  • National and Global Economy
  • Unemployment and loss of income
  • What happens if there is a vaccine finally?

Session 2: How to get out of the survival mindset

  • It’s to time to get up
  • The box of victim mentality
  • Sink or swim? It’s your choice
  • The story of survivors of the pandemic


Session 3: Roll up your sleeves and get to work

  • Seeing opportunities in difficulties
  • Capitalizing on your current resources
  • Building a mindset of resilience
  • The 4 aspects of preparation
  • Executing your plans diligently
  • Getting your team onboard
  • There will always be turbulence
  • Looking ahead of the horizon

Part 2: Strengthen Your Growth Mindset in the Midst of the Pandemic

With the onset of the COVID-19 crisis we have all been very adaptable making MASSIVE changes. When we look at the ways we have all adopted such incredible, rapid changes in our day-to-day behaviors it shows our capacity to grow rather than stay in a fixed mindset. Who would have thought that within a day of being given the face mask directive we would all adapt and see everyone wearing masks?


Sustaining business operations while keeping your people calm, safe, and as productive as possible during this crisis is no doubt a daunting task, but shifting how you think can help everyone in your organization think differently too. And that’s exactly what your business needs right now. 


Developing a growth mindset is vital to achieving your highest level of leadership presence. It’s by far the most critical factor in being an effective leader in “normal” times, but it’s even more key now as you’re working and managing others remotely probably for the first time. The mission that your people signed up for will help to sustain their commitment, diligence, and passion during this time. So as people leaders, we must rapidly adapt in order to support our people, teams, and businesses. Getting into a growth mindset, is the first step.

PM Session: Unwavering, Unfaltering and Unperturbed

Session 1: The secrets of resilience

  • How the Stockdale Paradox proves everyone wrong
  • Building clear and calm focus
  • Centering your values to match your actions
  • How great companies fell because of one common mistake
  • Is the Filipino truly resilient?


Session 2: Why innovation is a difficult task

  • When do you innovate?
  • The 3 major factors that affect change
  • Activity: Look back to Look forward
  • The secrets of the biggest brands in the world
  • A very important detail in business that people take for granted

Session 3: The 4 hats of growth

  • You can’t run away from your numbers
  • How great inventors generate their best ideas
  • Creating a culture of change
  • How do you lead people to adapt?
  • Is there such a thing as healthy competition?
  • From exercise to diet to business, the one thing that makes you grow 

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