6th Mini-MBA on Labor Relations Management

6th Mini-MBA on Labor Relations Management

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

10:00 PM – 12:00 NN PHT

2:00 PM – 5:00 PM PHT


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Webinar Objectives

The specific objectives of this unique fun-filled learning experience are:

  • To understand better the realities and intricacies of labor law and labor-management relations in the Philippines, particularly in the industry where their companies and businesses happen to belong to;
  • To recognize and understand the “rules of the game” of Philippine labor law and labor management relations; and thereby become better “players”;
  • To enhance their knowledge of labor law and jurisprudence (i.e. Supreme Court Decisions), and on how to effectively deal with the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) and other regulatory agencies; 
  • To acquire working knowledge about the legal and documentary requirements of labor law, especially on aspects of “substantive and procedural due process” and “substantial evidence” in the discipline and termination of employees; 
  • To improve their skills in instilling and maintaining effective progressive discipline in the workplace or worksite; while at the same time avoiding, if not, minimizing costly and time-consuming illegal dismissal cases;
  • To appreciate the different scenarios that can result from a protracted labor dispute: winlose, lose-win, lose-lose, and win-win; thereby encouraging strategic, creative and practical thinking in handling and dealing with workers and their representatives (or unions).
  • to understand and apply the pro-active “Labor Law Made Easy” approach and “WIN-WIN” strategy in dealing with labor concerns, issues and disputes; and appreciate their multidimensional nature, building on a solid legal foundation and framework as well as on the ancient wisdom of Sun Tzu, the legendary general and author of the classic The Art of War.
Webinar Outline

Module 1: WIN-WIN Labor Relations Strategies PART 1

Session 1: Worker’s Right to Self-Organization:

  • Articles 218 – 292, Labor Code
  • Unfair Labor Practices
  • Unions and Federations
  • Certification Election
  • Collective Bargaining Agreement (or CBA)
  • Deadlock • Strike and Lockout
  • CBA Administration  

Session 2: How to Apply Sun Tzu’s The Art of War Strategies in Dealing with Workers in the Workplace.

Module 2: The Law on Termination PART 1 (Just Cause)

Session 1: Understanding the Security of Tenure of:

    • Regular Employees

    • Casual Employees

    • Probationary Employees

    • Non-Regular Employees: 

            ○ Project

            ○ Seasonal

            ○ Fixed-Term (or Contractual)

            ○ Temporary or Emergency

    • Contractor’s Employees (or Agency Employees)

    • Independent Contractors and other Non-Employees

    • Other Workers.

    • Articles 293 – 296, Labor Code  

Session 2: Understanding the Concept of Just Cause: 

    • Article 297, Labor Code

    • Serious Misconduct

    • Willful Disobedience (or Insubordination)

    • Fraud

    • Willful Breach of Trust

    • Crime Against the Person of the Employer, His Family or Representative

    • Gross an Habitual Neglect of Duty

    • Analogous Causes:

            ○ Gross Inefficiency?

            ○ Loss of Trust and Confidence

            ○ Others 

Session 3: Effective Workplace Discipline: 

    • Management Prerogative versus Security of Tenure

    • Code of Discipline versus Code of Ethics

    • Incident Reports and Fact-Finding Activities

    • Administrative Investigation 

    • Procedural Due Process

            ○ 2-Notice Rule

            ○ Personal Delivery of Notice

    • Substituted Delivery of Notice

    • Substantive Due Process and Just Cause

    • Reasonableness Test

    • Substantial Evidence and Burden of Proof 

            ○ Affidavits and Testimonies

            ○ Admissions and Confessions

            ○ Other Acceptable Evidence

    • Test of Good Faith.

    • Article 292, Labor Code   

Module 3: The Law on Termination PART 2(Progressive Discipline)   

Session 1: The Progressive Discipline System, and When and How to Correctly Implement It in the Workplace:

    • Positive and Corrective Discipline Mindset 

    • Totality of Infraction Doctrine

    • Primary Areas of Focus:

            ○ Neglect of Duty

            ○ Inefficiency (or Incompetence)

    • Performance Management System

            ○ KBO, KRA and KPI

            ○Performance Appraisal 

Progressive Discipline Responses and Documentation Process:

    • Ethics and Discipline

    • Counseling, Coaching and Training

    • Warning (Verbal and Written)

    • Suspension

    • Other Corrective Actions

    • Performance Agreement

    • Performance Improvement Plan

    • Due Process and Termination

    • Exit Interview 

Module 4: The Law on Termination PART 3 (Authorized Cause) 

Session 1: How to Effectively Implement: 

    • Retrenchment

    • Redundancy and Other Forms of Lay-Off:

        o Right-sizing, downsizing, streamlining and rationalizing

        o Installation of labor-saving devices

    • End of Contract (or Endo) or End of Season

    • Completion of Project

    • Closure of Business, Undertaking, Department or Unit 

    • Temporary Suspension of Operations

    • Flexi-Time Arrangements 

    • Work Pool Arrangements

    • Early Retirement Program

    • Termination Due to Disease

    • Termination Due to Union Security Clause

    • Separation Pay

    • Financial Assistance 

    • Quitclaims 

    • Articles 298, 299 and 301, Labor Code 

Session 2: How to Effectively Deal with Resignations and Retirements: 

    • Articles 300 and 302, Labor Code 

    • Constructive Dismissal

    • Abandonment and Informal Resignation

    • Issues on the 30-Day Resignation Notice 

    • Clearance Process

    • Certificate of Employment

    • Legal Actions Against Employees with Accountabilities:

            ○ Criminal

            ○ Civil

            ○ Administrative o Other Remedies.  

Module 5: WIN-WIN Labor Relations Strategies PART 2 

Session 1: Must-Know Aspects of the Rules of Procedure in the:

    • Prescription of Claims, Articles 305 – 307, Labor Code 

    • SEnA (Single Entry Approach) Mediation

    • NLRC (or Compulsory Arbitration)

    • Voluntary Arbitration

    • DOLE (Rules on Labor Laws Compliance System)

    • Court of Appeals

    • Supreme Court 

Session 2: How to Apply Sun Tzu’s The Art of War Strategies in Winning Labor Cases (With or Without the Assistance of a Lawyer). 


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