Mid-Year Sales Summit 2021

We’re more than half way through 2021.


Are your Sales Figures on track?


Do you find it more difficult to reach your sales targets?

Are you generating new leads and clients with social selling?

Is the current economy affecting your performance?


Level up your knowledge and Selling Skills

with this can’t-miss Sales Summit!


2020 was a challenging year from a sales perspective and the outlook for 2021

is not looking any better. In fact, the next year could be one of the most difficult

years on record for anyone selling a product or service.


But, I doubt your company is decreasing their sales budgets.


That’s okay. Just because the economy is tough it does not mean you can’t reach

or exceed your sales targets. The key is to be able to know what you must to do.


Join us on June 24th for our Mid-Year Sales Summit 2021 “MISSION POSSIBLE”. This fast-paced, information-rich sales program will outline key strategies that you can implement into your business right away to achieve better results.


Mid-Year Sales Summit 2021



Sales 3.0 – Savvy Sales Strategies for Sales Success

Reconfigure Your Sales Strategy During the Pandemic to Sell Better in the New Normal

Thursday, June 24, 2021

PART 1: 09:00 AM – 12:00 NN PHT

PART 2: 2:00 PM – 5:00 PM PHT


Regular Rate: 3,998 + VAT / Participant


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Enjoy a “Fun-filled” e-Learning experience, complete with online session materials

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Sales 3.0 – Savvy Sales Strategies for Sales Success

Reconfigure Your Sales Strategy During the Pandemic

to Sell Better in the New Normal

It has become clear that we won’t be back to “business as usual” anytime soon. The changes to the workplace brought on by Covid-19 were viewed as a temporary adjustment — something we needed to endure for a few months before the inevitable return to commuting, offices, and face-to-face meetings. But as companies settle into the reality that the current state of things might be the new normal, they need to shift their focus from temporary fixes to a fresh approach to your organizational strategy. For any business that relies on direct sales to drive revenue, it’s time to systematically update your sales organization for the world we’re living in now. 

After a year living through a global health pandemic, the Mid-Year Sales Summit will be even more important this year than before. Sales Summit will boost morale and set big goals to help your sales teams achieve those big wins. And adapting the new normal sales strategy and processes of your business to sell better in the New Business Normal. 


The Sales 3.0: Savvy Sales Strategies for Sales Success Program provides Sales Operational Teams and Sales Enabler-Leaders with fine but focused strategic insights, full-blast trends and best-ever professional practices that furiously drive Sales Performance and Revenue Growth to unprecedented peak!

Sales 3.0 showcases the most audacious and thought-provoking ideas of masterful Speakers in the arena of Sales. This Program provides Leaders and Executives emerging Sales Operations and Technology to increase Customer Engagement, as well as models and action plans to bring on improved Sales performance and bottom-lines.


This Program shall also cover the more significant Marketing concepts and issues.


The specific objectives of this unique fun-filled e-learning experience are:

  • To discover the secret advantages of Sales Leaders; 
  • To develop a Sales Winning Attitude; 
  • To plan and execute tactically the Value-Added Selling philosophy;
  • To focus strategically by identifying high-value target accounts,
  • To build effective Rapport and Customer Engagement; 
  • To master Sales in this disruptive age of Social Media; 
  • To integrate social media marketing tools into existing marketing plan;
  • To determine which social media channels best fit organizational marketing objectives;
  • To describe best practices and rules of engagement for online sales and marketing;
  • To Implement strategies to engage customers through social media marketing;
  • To understand the Psychology of Persuasion to expand your influence;
  • To develop persuasion and communications skills to enhance sales effectiveness;
  • To enhance Negotiation and Decision-making Skills;
  • To technologically transform the fine Art of Selling; 
  • To find your buyers and confidently sell your products and services; and
  • To successfully close those hot deals.

New techniques, transparent sales strategies, distinct Sales Tools globally utilized by topnotch Sales Leaders to fast-track sustainable business success. 

These strategies will secure your corporate financial future; and will certainly surpass competition!


Join the supreme team of Business Builders in a B2B market and global positioning who will aid you ‘crack the code’ and unlock hidden techniques to achieve your dream Sales Target. 

Conventional thought will be challenged; new ways of thinking will emerge and spark; and you will go back to command-base full of actionable strategies to lead your Sales Team accomplish that Mission Possible!


Create level-up Sales professionals who will deliver unprecedented results. Immerse yourself in topics such as; Sales process improvement and prospecting advanced techniques, social selling, lead generation, negotiating in the new era of Sales, customer engagement and retention, Sales in the Age of Technology, emerging trends and much more!

Who should attend?

Learn high impact Sales strategies, market reach principles, customer retention concepts and good practices, surefire influence to increase the corporate bottom line and all of the elements you need to achieve sales success!


“The core capability of being able to create value comes from being able to do machine learning and AI at a scale; that’s really what this next wave of technology innovation is about.”

– Satya Nadella, CEO Microsoft

Sales 1.0 came along when Sales contingent replaced their Rolodexes and index cards of prospective names with a Sales Automation Program on a PC or laptop. Sales people met buyers face to face.

The term “Sales 2.0” was first coined in 2006 – when Sales people began using Web 2.0 tools and social media to sell more effectively. World, buyers and sellers crossed paths online.

This Sales 3.0 Program is fueled by AI and Cognitive Computing. The sessions will extract and explicate how technological innovations morphed Sales 2.0 into Sales 3.0 to involve Analytics, Machine Learning, Network and Cloud Computing, which are geared toward augmented reality. Sales 3.0 is simply developing an unlimited Peak Performance Mindset.

In the Sales 3.0 world, buyers and sellers meet up virtually; the learning curve is instant; smart systems advises the Sales people of next steps in the cognitive flow and cycle of conversation such as the best content of what to say and share with prospects; and it increases the probability of closing that elusive deal. 

While Sales 3.0 utilizes technology by and large, there still is a need of the human element but it has to deal with change and drop obsolete techniques. People just simply have to concertedly navigate and move in the right direction.

Sales 3.0 is an exclusive learning event gives you the finest and sure-proof tools Sales people need to put 30 years’ worth of experience into a strategic selling game in just a day of learning session. If you are a good Sales person now, then be challenged to become extraordinary!

This is a one-day Sales program which aims to effectively ground learning paradigm purposively to accelerate Sales professionalism to a higher level of collaborative efforts. It refreshes Sales people of proven approaches and techniques as they actively participate and share experiences during the sessions. It delivers practical, ready-to-use selling techniques to uncover ways, generate targeted results and aggressively keep peak Sales coming in.

This is an interactive virtual learning event where you also get to ‘meet and greet virtually’ the Subject Matter Experts and inspiring Speakers who can help you build your dream Sales goal; establish active contacts; encounter and learn from Sales Leaders who could, eventually, become your partners, peers and colleagues. 


At the end of this Sales Summit, participants will be able to bring home these Key Takeaways:

Learn how to: 

  • Dramatically improve Sales through Leadership strategies; 
  • Modernize your sales strategy and increase your ROI;
  • Turn your sales team into highly-respected, trusted advisors on Social Media;
  • Increase your company’s authority and credibility online, and build trust faster;
  • Use Psychological persuasion to attract and retain Customers;
  • Identify, attract, engage and convert more of your ideal prospects with ease;
  • Listen between the lines of potential buyers and explore their thoughts;
  • Apply the concept of “qualifying in” vs. “qualifying out”;
  • Drive successful engagement with Customers;
  • Gain a greater awareness of building trust and continued rapport;
  • Develop Confidence-building and Negotiation skills;
  • Handle objections and difficult attitudes effectively;
  • Improve Sales margins and closing ratios;
  • Use latest ideas, methods and techniques to increase Sales;
  • Uncover key ingredients to successful Sales closures;
  • Apply powerful Sales processes that deliver outstanding results;
  • Get agreement on action steps to overcome critical conversations;
  • Close big deals via potent prospecting strategies;
  • Become more efficient in Account Maintenance;
  • Develop more stable and stronger relationships with customers;
  • Drastically reduce advertising spend while rapidly accelerating your pipeline of sales qualified leads;
  • Empower your sales team to pre-sell your ideal prospects on the idea of working with you BEFORE they even get on the phone;
  • Gain greater control of the sales process and navigate it smoothly
  • Accelerate and produce Sales targets; and
  • Continually activate full business potentials.

Explore and understand the:

  • Buying Psychology of the Customers;
  • Different behaviors in the dynamic Sales interaction;
  • Evolution of Sales and what works in the now environment;
  • Tips and techniques which can help create lasting presentation impact;
  • Continuous development and management of Customer Relationship; and
  • Application of the “Make Clients for Life” Strategy.
  • Fundamentals of Social Media Strategies
  • Benefits of Using Social Media Marketing
  • Leveraging Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn Marketing

Learn fresh Sales strategies and tactical moves from Top caliber Sales Experts, get motivated and move up at speed!

This Sales Training is perfect and suitable to a wide range of professionals but will greatly benefit:

  • Sales professionals and teams who want to exceed their Sales targets;
  • New or experienced Sales and/or Marketing personnel in the B2B or B2C sector wanting to boost their Sales Competence;
  • Sales people and support, as well as potential candidates for Sales positions who want to build and revitalize their current selling skills;
  • Sales Trainers who want to pursue emerging Sales training techniques to cascade learning; and
  • Sales professionals and managers, account executives, contract negotiators, and all others who are actively involved in negotiation processes.

This Summit is open to all Sales Teams from different business entities and various industry segments.


Target Mission 1: 45 Smart Steps to Building A Winning Sales Attitude 

A highly charged online learning session that builds the participant’s self-grounding and deeper appreciation of the sales profession. The valuable tips and concrete ideas shared will serve not only to build but also strengthen the winning attitude of an un-beatable Sales Professional. In this online session, you will learn effective ways to engage the customer and provide solutions that meet customer expectations, so you can win despite stiff competition, volatile market conditions or price war.

Target Mission 2: Value-Based Selling Tactical: Proven Strategies of Sales Engagement to Increase Sales

Value-added selling has become one of the most popular sales approaches these days, as a sort of inevitable evolution of consultative selling. In value-added selling, the salesperson offers the product or service but then also throws in something unique to make that product more valuable to prospects. 

Value-added salespeople are more focused on making a difference than just making a deal. Value-Added Selling helps salespeople reach their full potential by increasing their knowledge, skill, and sales proficiency.

Target Mission 3: Strategic Social Selling: Effective Online Sales & Marketing Strategies that Will Boost Your Sales

In the age of the Internet, consumers frequently turn to social media networks for information before making a purchase. Since buyers now make many purchasing decisions on social media, entrepreneurs can use social media to sell products and services.

This highly-interactive session has been specifically designed to provide sales and marketing professionals the tools, tactics and techniques they require to help them avoid the pitfalls and exploit the incredible marketing opportunities associated with the effective use of social media.

This online session will provide delegates with the practical knowledge needed to successfully plan, implement, manage, and measure social media sales and marketing efforts. Participants will walk away from this virtual sales training with practical knowledge on best practices in using social media platforms to create strong on-line brand identities, improve sales effectiveness, and enable better customer loyalty and retention.

Target Mission 4: Psychology of Selling and Persuasion: How to Use Persuasion to Sell Online and Close More Deals Faster

Persuading prospects to buy revolves around the seller satisfying the emotional needs of prospects and buyers. Understanding persuasion psychology and then satisfying those emotional needs is a major key to online business success.

Learn the secrets to the psychology of selling and how to influence and persuade others. In this online session, we will be looking at what the psychology of sales truly is and how you can leverage it to close more deals faster. This online learning session, will give you a series of actionable steps you can follow, from understanding your prospects to answering their objections effectively and ultimately getting the sale.

Target Mission 5: Guerrilla Selling Strategy: New Unconventional Tactics for Increasing Your Sales


An interactive online session that challenges the participants to understand how to create competitiveness in a demanding selling environment. The concept of “Guerrilla” Sales Strategies is EXCITING!! It’s about having a plan! A plan that will create win/win initiatives based on speed, technology, creativity and focus. These factors are the little differences which make all the difference in today’s new normal environment and will give you an enormous competitive edge!

Claiming eCertificates

An eCertificate of Attendance will be awarded to participants who successfully completed the entire Virtual MasterClass.

Survey Online Questionnaire will be emailed after the e-Learning Event for participants to give feedback.

An eCertificate of Achievement will be emailed to the registered email address of the participants upon completion of the online Feedback Form.

Please ensure email address provided during registration is accurate or eCertificates may not be received.

Online Certificates will be available 3-5 days after the e-Learning Event.







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