Advanced MS Excel: Office Productivity Training Using Excel Skills for Business

Microsoft Excel skills have become essential because of the regular data entry and processing tasks that we encounter every day. In this Advanced MS Excel course, you will discover, re-learn, and be re-oriented with the features and functions found in this productivity tool. We will explore different commands that will make data easier to process and present. Learn advanced functions to create (what may appear to be) complex formulas. Know the fundamentals in creating reports and templates. Use concepts in practical applications as you go through the course. 

Discover how this productivity tool can help increase your market value at work. Being truly proficient in MS Excel has influenced salary increases and has seen others climb the proverbial corporate ladder.

MasterClass 3.0

Advanced MS Excel

Office Productivity Training

Using Excel Skills for Business

Thursday, September 09, 2021

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Webinar Description

Microsoft Excel is a fundamental productivity application at work. But know that MS Excel also helps you in organizing your personal records as well.

To say that Excel is a great tool is really an understatement, because Excel helps you understand data and numbers. It also helps you analyze historical and current data that will help you forecast potential outcomes and make decisions.

In this course, you will learn that MS Excel is also a great communications tool because of the tables, charts and graphs that you can create with it. 

In a study of the Philippine Society for Talent Development in June 2020, MS Excel consistently appears as one of the top preferred online learning topics during the pandemic.  

So today is the best time to prepare for a better new normal, as we all have seen how we have struggled and managed 2020’s challenges. Join us in our class and let us help you become more efficient and productive with MS Excel.

Webinar Objectives:

The specific objectives of this unique fun-filled online learning experience are:

  • Master MS excel from beginner to advanced;
  • Be comfortable navigating the Excel user interface, entering, manipulating and formatting data;
  • Use formulas and functions to perform calculations on data. Automate choices and data lookups using functions;
  • Learn dynamic formulas such as if, vlookup, index, match functions and more;
  • Use Excel tools and functions to clean and prepare data for analysis;
  • Understand the different types of data in Excel and use appropriate functions to work with them;
  • Create dynamic reports by mastering one of the most popular tools – pivottables;
  • Analyze data and present the results in a user-friendly way. Create charts and tables that effectively summarize raw data;
  • Manage large sets of data and create effective spreadsheets; and
  • Create easy-to-use spreadsheets. Validate data, find and correct errors. Create navigation aids for large workbooks.

Webinar Outline

Module 1: Review in Creating and copying formula with references

1. Formula-building

Know the different characters used in creating formulas for arithmetic, comparison and text operations.

2. Cell references

Know the different types of references (relative, absolute, & mixed) and when to use it.

Module 2: Working with Functions

1. Working with Dates and Time

Dates and Time appear to be tricky at times. Know how they are used in Excel using the TODAY, NOW, NETWORKDAYS, WORKDAY, EOMONTH & EDATE functions.

2. Converting Time into whole numbers and vice-versa

Learn how to convert time into number of hours, minutes, seconds.

3. Auditing your Formula

Formula auditing commands such as tracing precedent and dependent cells and evaluate formula help in tracing references and even errors. Learn how to troubleshoot formulas in your spreadsheet.

4. VLOOKUP using Exact Match (false)

Let us dissect the arguments needed in order to use VLOOKUP correctly. Get the corresponding value from another column based from the exact match of a lookup value.

5. VLOOKUP using Approximate Match (true)

Let us dissect the arguments needed in order to use VLOOKUP correctly. Get the corresponding value from another column based from an approximate match of a lookup value. Determine the rules to make the formula work. 

6. Other Lookup Functions

Find out what other Lookup functions to use and when to use them: LOOKUP, INDEX, MATCH and HLOOKUP, as alternatives to the VLOOKUP function.

7. Introducing: XLOOKUP for recent MS Excel licenses

XLOOKUP, one of the newest functions in Microsoft 365, is now available in recent licenses of MS Excel. Know how to search for lookup values with wildcards, or bring out a message if lookup value isn’t found.

8. Setting Conditions in getting the SUM, AVERAGE & COUNT

Learn how to get the sum, average and count based on defined conditions through SUMIF, SUMIFS, AVERAGEIF, AVERAGEIFS, COUNTIF, COUNTIF

Module 3: Handling Data Efficiently

1. Giving Name to Ranges

Assigning names to ranges lessens time in referencing to other cells or tabs. Know how this can be applied to formulas.

2. Create / Format as Table

Create tables to organize and analyze related data.

3. Record and Run Macros

Do you have repetitive tasks or actions in your spreadsheet? You can record basic Excel commands to automate your actions (no programming background needed)

Module 4: Analyzing Data

1. Using PivotTables

Easily handle complex data with the use of PivotTables. Know how to arrange and summarize your data into basic PivotTables.

2. Formatting PivotTables

Learn to apply formatting of fonts, numbers and styles in PivotTables.


Learn to filter quickly using slicers and times for PivotTables.

4. What-If Analysis: Goal Seek

Know how to meet a goal (value needed) by letting Goal Seek determine the input value.

Module 5: Reporting Data through Consolidation and Data Visualization

1. Consolidate

Learn to summarize data from separate ranges or sheets, consolidating in a single output range. 

2. Outline Group and Ungroup

Quickly display summary rows or columns, or bring out detailed data for grouped columns or rows.

3. Inserting Subtotals

Learn how to quickly calculate rows of related data by inserting subtotals and totals 

4. Customizing Number Formats

Number formats may be customized as percentages, currency, dates and more.

5. Conditional Formats with Default Rules

Identify critical data by highlighting cell/s based on rules. Use icon sets and data bars to emphasize on value (applicable only to Excel 2013 until recent version).

6. Conditional Formats with Customized Rules

Highlight data by using custom conditional formatting rules based on created formulas.

7. Building Combination Charts

Learn how to graph multiple data series, and combine at least 2 different charts at the same time. 

Module 6: Addressing Data/Values Restriction through Data Validation 

1. Various Types of Data Validation

Know the different types of Data Validation and when to use them. Put restrictions of number or text value input.

2. Creating Data Validation Lists

Create drop down list to ensure encoding of uniform data. Avoid misspellings and invalid entries.

Module 7: Printing your Spreadsheets

1. Page Layout

Set up your worksheets by going through the various options in Page Layout. Create headers/footers and print titlles per printed page.

Module 8: Sharing your Spreadsheets

1. Sharing the workbook

Collaborate with others by sharing your workbook to selected users (edit or view access only).

2. Protection and security in Excel

Protect your files by using passwords on your worksheets or on the file itself. Be aware of the limitations in using passwords.

Learning Investment

This interactive training will comprise a range of learning activities, including presentations, with question and answer opportunities, demonstration and practice of analytical techniques, group exercises and discussions, using case studies and current market information sources. Whilst the theoretical background will be explained and justified, the main emphasis will be on putting these into a real world context by providing a practical ‘toolkit’.


Technical Requirements: Laptop/PC with installed MS Office Excel 2010 or higher

Learning Investment

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