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Have some experience with Excel and want to improve your skills, or taken our Basic Excel course? This course will help you learn intermediate and advanced Excel techniques.

From students to the C-Suite, Microsoft Office is the gold standard of productivity software. Today, 1.2 billion people across 140 countries and 107 languages use the productivity suite. Despite so many of us using Office programs in our daily lives, they can be a challenge to master without the right Microsoft Office Suite training.

MasterClass 3.0

Advanced MS Excel

Office Productivity Training

Using Excel Skills for Business

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

PART 1: 10:00 AM – 12:00 NN PHT

PART 2: 2:00 PM – 5:00 PM PHT


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Webinar Description

Participants will learn how to find a value with VLOOKUP, create and format Pivot Tables, record basic Macros and more.

Whether you use Excel for work or study, these tutorials will start you on your journey to becoming an Excel Ninja!

Webinar Outline

Module 1: Essential Formula Knowledge

1. Understanding Dates

Understand how dates work in Excel using the TODAY, YEAR, MONTH, DAY and DATE functions.

2. Understanding Time

Understand how time works in Excel, and how to change from whole numbers into time increments and back again.

Module 2: Intermediate Formula Knowledge

1. Formula Auditing

Learn to work with formula auditing tools including tracing precedent and dependent cells and formula evaluation.

2. Temporal Functions

Learn to work with the EOMONTH and EDATE functions that easily shift dates from one month or year to another.

3. VLOOKUP with Approximate Match

Learn to use VLOOKUP to find an approximate match and return it or the corresponding value from another column.

4. VLOOKUP with Exact Match

Learn to use VLOOKUP to find an exact match and return it or the corresponding value from another column.

5. Other Lookup Methods

Learn to work with INDEX, MATCH and HLOOKUP, as alternatives to the VLOOKUP function.

6. Introduction to XLOOKUP

An introduction to the new XLOOKUP function in Microsoft 365. Bye, bye VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP and INDEX/MATCH!

Module 3: Optimizing Data

1. Naming Ranges

Learn about creating named ranges, and the benefits of doing so.

2. Excel Tables

Learn about creating Excel tables, and their advantages.

3. Recording Macros

Learn to record basic Excel macros to automate your actions (instead of doing them manually).

Module 4: Data Analysis

1. Creating PivotTables

Learn to create and modify basic PivotTables (for quickly summarizing and highlighting data).

2. Formatting PivotTables

Learn to control formatting and other options in PivotTables.

3. Calculated Fields in PivotTables

Learn to create and modify basic calculated fields for PivotTables.

4. What-If Analysis

Learn to perform what-if analysis in Excel using the Scenario Manager and Goal-Seek.

Module 5: Getting and Transforming Data

1. Unpivoting Data

If you work with PivotTables a lot, you know that they put information out the way users want to read it, but you can’t use it to drive another PivotTable. So what if there was an easy way to unpivot the data? There is, and it’s called Power Query!

2. Importing Data from a Text File

Importing data from a text file into an Excel table using Power Query.

3. Appending Tables

Appending tables is the process of stacking them vertically to create long tables that can be used to feed business intelligence solutions and PivotTables.

Module 6: Presenting and Reporting

1. Outlining

Learn about adding and working with Excel’s outlining tools to quickly hide irrelevant sections of your worksheet.

2. Custom Number Formats

Learn to build your own custom number formats to display dates, values and variances how you want to see them.

3. Conditional Formats with Built-In Rules

Learn to create top/bottom and highlight cell rules, as well as to apply icon sets and data bars.

4. Conditional Formats with Custom Rules

Learn to create custom conditional formatting rules based on formulas.

5. Building Combination Line and Area Charts

When you want to graph 3 line series, but only want 2 in focus most of the time.

Module 7: Validating and Updating

1. Data Validation

Learn how to use Data Validation to ensure that users enter valid data in input cells.

2. Data Validation Lists

Use to restrict users ability to enter invalid data in cells by providing them with a drop down list of valid options.

3. Styles

Learn how to apply built-in number styles and create your own custom styles packages.

Module 8: Advanced Formulas

1. Introduction to Dynamic Arrays

An introduction to the new Dynamic Arrays capability added to Microsoft 365.

2. FILTER-ing Dynamic Arrays with a Single Condition

Using FILTER() to restrict the results of a Dynamic Array based on a single condition

3. FILTER-ing Dynamic Arrays with Multiple Conditions

Combining multiple conditions in a single FILTER() to restrict the results of a Dynamic Array

4. Wildcard XLOOKUPs and Dynamic Arrays

Advanced options for XLOOKUP including using wildcard matches and returning Dynamic Arrays as an output

Module 9: Preparing to Deploy

1. Custom Views

Learn how to create and manage Custom Views in a worksheet.

2. Page Setup Options

Learn about page setup options, fitting print jobs on a page, headers and footers, and other ways to customize print jobs.

3. Security Considerations

Learn about the setup and weaknesses of Excel’s security systems.

Learning Investment

This interactive training will comprise a range of learning activities, including presentations, with question and answer opportunities, demonstration and practice of analytical techniques, group exercises and discussions, using case studies and current market information sources. Whilst the theoretical background will be explained and justified, the main emphasis will be on putting these into a real world context by providing a practical ‘toolkit’.


Technical Requirements: Laptop/PC with installed MS Office Excel 2010 or higher

Learning Investment

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