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Total Rewards Strategy Summit
ARIVA Academy Philippines, Inc.

Join us in this premier gathering of Total Rewards Professionals in the region!

This summit is a “must go to” event. It will enable participants to gain insights on market trends; and learn from leading organizations as they share best practices in managing Total Rewards in these disruptive times.

Increased employee mobility, technology, multi-generational workforce,

and access to big data continue to drastically impact rewards and benefits practices with an heightened number of organizations re-engineering their network strategies.

These phenomena, together with a declining increase in budgets,

have pushed organizations to re-invent and reformulate innovative

Total Rewards packages to attract, retain and actively engage

their workforce.

The 2019 edition of the Total Rewards and Well-being Summit will

open up avenues on how your organizations can leverage

on technology and regional best practices in Total Rewards strategy

for a demanding workforce.

Total Rewards and Well-being Summit

Empowering Engagement and Performance through Rewards

November 06, 2019

8:00 AM to 5:30 PM


Benavidez corner Trasierra Streets, Legaspi Village

Makati City, Philippines


877-6502 | 832-1409

(Globe) 0917-3257870

(Smart) 0919-6142598


With total rewards leaders from across the region


On the latest techniques in improving data capture and recording


New tools and strategies to redefine your total reward strategy


How big data and analytics can drive business decisions and growth


Where the market is heading and prepare your business for the

future of total rewards


How your organization can benefit from inclusive engagement strategies

in a diverse workforce

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Key Benefits

This Total Rewards Strategy Summit is designed to provide HR Professionals with strategic directions in addressing ComBen (CB) Challenges; and implement programs that will help

them drive excellence ensuring Workforce Motivation, Engagement and Productivity.

The ever-changing CB Landscape requires Management and its Leaders to clearly identify Corporate objectives and cascade them top-to-bottom to sustain overall financial and operational wellness. This is a must-attend learning event for Consultants, Professionals and Next-in-Lines involved in Compensation Administration, who manage Pay, Benefits and Rewards.

Key Learning Takeaways in the 2019 total Rewards and Well-being Summit:

  • Learn how to recognize and engage generational workforce with CB Strategies;
  • Design appropriate guidelines and frameworks for Salary Structuring, despite the lack of accurate and sufficient market data;
  • Gain awareness of practical concepts and tools to help you drive Culture Change and deliver a positive employee experience; 
  • Optimize Analytics and collated data to drive CB strategies and ensure an effective Human Capital Management;
  • Gain insights on relevant information necessary to undertake an accurate bench-marking and salary-mapping;
  • Identify best practices in developing Rewards and Recognition schemes;
  • Understand the importance of building an attractive employee value propositions to recruit and engage with Gen Y employees;
  • Forecast the trends in CB practices in the next 10 years and the implications on the HR Department;
  • Manage budget limitations on structuring a competitive Rewards System;
  • Improve strategic communication with other business units to facilitate the CB decision-making process;
  • Gain access to case studies that showcase innovative ways of non-cash rewards practices that progressive companies are adopting;
  • Attract and retain top talent in the face of a highly competitive and fast-moving CB market; and
  • Draft an effective Performance-based Rewards System.

This Total Reward Strategy Summit will develop your Competency to:

  • Evaluate your organization’s existing total rewards strategy with current trend information and insights from the subject matter experts;
  • Develop expertise regarding how and what to communicate regarding your Total Compensation, Pay-for- performance and Total Rewards strategy decisions;
  • Understand the relevance of Total Rewards in becoming an “Employer of Choice”;
  • Link the importance of Compensation to drive Talent Performance, Engagement and Retention;
  • Gain insights into how to evaluate your current Performance Management System (PMS) and learn from employers who are reinventing their Process, Format and Communication Plan;
  • Identify the elements and trades-off in formulating a Total Rewards Strategy;
  • Learn how to effectively communicate Pay and Benefits policies to retain the best talents;
  • Understand the development of workplace flexibility among millennial; and
  • Keep abreast with the latest new trends in Digital Knowledge.

The Total Rewards Summit is dedicated to strategies for improving Employee Engagement and Performance.

It covers intelligible topics such as:

  • Engaging a Multi-generational Workforce
  • Future of Pay-for-Performance
  • Re-designing Performance Management and Rewards Practices
  • Re-thinking the long term incentive schemes
  • The Impact of the Digital Technology
  • Sales Compensation

Who Should Attend the Total Rewards and Well-being Summit 2019?

This Learning Event has been designed for Head, Directors, Senior Managers, Managers, Generalists, Analysts, Senior Executives of:

  • Compensation and Benefits
  • Human Resources (HR)
  • Performance and Rewards
  • Organization Development
  • Talent Management and Development
  • Finance and Administration
  • Learning and Development
  • Performance Management

Leaning Session Outline

Session 1: Designing Rewards for the Future of Work

 How will technology and a changing workforce transform Reward and Benefit Strategies?

There is no doubt, the “Future of Work” is upon us and Rewards professionals must be ready to question the fundamentals of how we support changes around redesigned work, growing mobility and the assertiveness of well-informed employees and candidates.

In this forward-thinking presentation, we will explore future opportunities to create more engaging reward and benefits strategies through new technology, including:

  • How we can harness the power of new technology to engage a multi-generational workforce; and
  • How the future of work and changes in workforce trends will influence reward and benefits approaches. 

Session 2: Total Reward Philosophy: How to Design a Holistic Benefits Package and an Enticing Employee Value Proposition

Organizations are increasingly moving away from purely providing monetary compensation to developing an attractive Total Reward Strategy in order to stay ahead of competition. 

In this Summit, you will learn from an organization, with best-in-class value proposition, on how you can adapt your strategy to attract and retain the right talents, while keeping within your budget, and discuss:

Join this session to learn, understand and assimilate:

  • What a strong employee value proposition looks like;
  • The best ways to approach segmentation and offer flexibility to your employees; and
  • New insights to improve employee engagement, including non-monetary rewards and employee recognition ideas.

Session 3: Building Your Employee Financial Well-being Strategy

In this learning session, participants will understand how to build the business case for their financial well-being, while learning key steps to creating and implementing an effective strategy that is inclusive and addresses the unique needs of all employees.

Join this session to understand and learn:

  • How to objectively measure and benchmark the financial well-being of your employees;
  • How to build a financial well-being strategy based on research and insights into employees’ saving and spending attitudes and habits; and
  • The importance and gains of encouraging employee savings as the foundation of a solid financial well-being strategy through a case study

Session 4: Optimizing Total Rewards with Analytics that Matter


In this highly disruptive era of business, it is imperative for organizations to maximize the benefits of their Rewards Programs. To stay on top of the ROI that Rewards is generating, HR must optimize the Rewards Programs of the organization using the best tools and Knowledge Management available.

Today, one in every three organizations globally provide analytics on the effectiveness of Talent and Rewards management strategies. Are you one of them?

Take the first step to identify, investigate and address the underlying issues that hinder your CB policies. Use dashboards and visualizations to address questions that matter.

Session 5: Sales Compensation Formula Mysteries Solved

Where do sales compensation formula come from?

Sometimes, it seems like a mystery. Reading a sales compensation plan for the first time raises questions like, “How was that payout rate determined?” “How does that extra bonus work?” and “What’s the math behind these numbers? “

Attend this learning session to hear from our speaker explain how to build effective Sales Compensation formula, avoid unintentional payouts and assess proposed incentive formula designs.

Session 6: Total Rewards and the Multi-Generational Workforce


Today HR practitioners are dealing with a workforce that includes 5 generations with each generation carrying different Rewards DNA and expectations. This presentation will summarize Total Reward Strategies and Trends, and how they are influenced by this multi-generational workforce. 

Attendees will be exposed to valuable lessons and strategies to help HR leaders learn ways to better manage total rewards.

Session 7: Engaging Employees with a Culture of Caring


A recent Gallup study estimates that disengaged employees cost the U.S. up to $605 billion in lost productivity per year. Based on these findings, more and more employers are taking a deep dive into understanding employee engagement and are undertaking significant human capital investments to diagnose. 

The first step is to understand what are the key drivers of employee engagement at your respective organization. While each organization is going to have different facts and circumstances, often times it is revealed that Compensation is a part of the equation; but not one of the leading causes of employees being disengaged at work.

Leaning Session Process

This learning session will utilize a variety of proven adult learning techniques to ensure maximum understanding, comprehension and retention of the information presented. This includes discussions, presentation of theories and principles, Writing Exercises and skill test and mini-exercises.

Learning Investment

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LEARNING INVESTMENT INCLUDES: A “Fun-filled” learning experience,

AM Snacks, Sumptuous Lunch and PM Snacks!


Prepaid participants are guaranteed seats and Learning Session materials

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