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Recruitment and Talent Acquisition Summit 2019
ARIVA Academy Philippines, Inc.

As you plan for your Recruitment and Talent Acquisition Strategy,

it is important to set goals to stay current and ahead

of industry trends and good practices.

 You need a Talent Acquisition Strategy built for today’s business environment. It needs to take an end-to-end, customer-centered approach to enable you to serve the candidates, hiring managers

and the business.

 One great way to accomplish this is to attend and participate

in the Recruitment and Talent Acquisition Summit. This is one

learning event you should not miss as you plan for 2020.

Save the date – October 18, 2019!

This one-day learning event is one of the significant highlights in our event calendar every year! From the producers of the Asia’s most anticipated learning events, ARIVA Academy offers you this must-attend learning event of innovative tools and strategies for recruiting top talents.

Recruitment and Talent Acquisition Summit 2019

The Next-Gen Talent Acquisition Strategy for Supporting Recruiting and Business Growth

October 18, 2019

8:00 AM to 5:30 PM


Benavidez corner Trasierra Streets, Legaspi Village

Makati City, Philippines


877-6502 | 832-1409

(Globe) 0917-3257870

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Key Benefits

In the War for Talent, organizations have to develop a multi-layered Talent Acquisition Approach to gain that competitive edge and attract the best choices of candidates. A Talent Acquisition Strategy should be high-touch: engaging with candidates throughout the entire Search and Placement Life Cycle: from Sourcing to Hiring and On-boarding.

The Recruitment and Talent Acquisition Summit will equip you to attract the right talents. Offering a fast-paced mix of engaging presentations, focused sessions, peer discussions, and professional networking, this dynamic learning event will enable you to gain critical core competencies you need to succeed.

With valuable insights from most renowned Recruiting and Talent Acquisition Experts, you will learn more of the innovative Recruitment Strategies and how technology may be leveraged to transform the way talent is sourced and brought into your organization.

One takeaway is to develop strategies that will attract and engage the right candidates while continually and creatively identifying new talent pool to find your next “Ready Now” high potentials. Discover insights and strategies from leading local and global HR Professionals.

ARIVA Academy gathers Talent Acquisition Experts, Directors and Leaders, Recruiters and Sourcing Professionals from around the world to discuss the “highs and lows” of this eventful function. They will share cutting edge strategies that work; find inspiration and ideas from the best in the business.

Learn how the most successful Recruitment Specialists and Talent Acquisition Leaders use their expertise and powers of influence to make strong talent decisions to attract and retain the right people.

3 Key Reasons why Attend this Summit:

1. Learn how to streamline a comprehensive talent acquisition function to engage talent. It no longer matters where talent is, but how you reach and engage talent. Our experts will demonstrate how they have built rock-star Talent Acquisition function by creating a centralized infrastructure; transforming recruiters into Talent Advisers; and using predictive analytics to roll out these measures.

2. Gain strategies to infuse innovative sourcing means to identify talent. You always have to update your best sourcing strategies with the newest tools. Our Resource Speakers will help you understand how to apply Human Resource Planning and Workforce Analytics; customize Referral Programs; and build effective Talent Communities.  

3. Know how to differentiate your Branding to attract talent. Is it possible to have an Employee Brand that attracts across different cultures, generations and roles? Our sessions will showcase how to create a global Employer Brand roadmap by aligning it to the business sense; integrating social recruiting solutions; and hiring the best local brand ambassadors.

Key Benefits

Key benefits from attending this Summit

In this Summit, your participants and your organization will be able to:

  • Structure effective veteran recruiting programs
  • Use the interview process to calibrate competencies of the Hiring Team;
  • Engage and empower the candidate in each phase of the Recruitment Function;
  • Adopt new technologies to find and reach more candidates;
  • Create a team of employee advocates to strengthen your brand messaging;
  • Utilize referrals as key to long-term recruiting success;
  • Learn how Recruitment processes are re-designed to focus on Customers of Talent Acquisition;
  • Leverage talent relationship management (TRM) systems to save you time and money while driving measurable improvements in talent acquisition;
  • Use Recruitment Marketing to drive Active Engagement;
  • Deepen Engagement with candidates, both online and in person;
  • Implement a complex but meaningful Recruitment solution to resolve challenges;
  • Develop a sustainable Recruitment Partnership with significant conduits;
  • Isolate the most impactful data analytics to pinpoint hiring issues, optimize strategy and prove ROI;
  • Discern the best techniques for connecting with candidates through Social Media and other means; and
  • Appreciate and apply the top of mind approaches of top Acquisition Directors.

Who Should Attend?

Who should attend this summit:

  • CHROs
  • CEO/MD
  • SVPs
  • COOs
  • CFOs
  • Presidents
  • Directors and Managers in: Talent Acquisition • Talent Management • Recruitment • Sourcing • Social Recruiting • Employer Branding • Human Resources • Marketing

Leaning Session Outline

Session 1: AI Application IN SME Recruitment

Eliminating unnecessary manual work allows recruiters to focus on screening qualified candidates rather than spending time on administrative tasks.

Fareportal successfully increased both efficiency and quality by integrating AI into its recruiting function and internal feedback mechanism. Through the development of the “Resume Scorer,” an innovative AI tool which analyzes key content from a job posting, recruiters are able to connect with top scoring candidates immediately. Fareportal also utilized AI to ensure that their employees are satisfied with their role, supervisor, work environment, and total benefits. This integration ensures that feedback is anonymous, unbiased and unfiltered.

Join this session to learn:

  • How a small organization can initiate the journey to AI integration;
  • The importance of connecting improvements in recruiting process with better systems for collecting internal feedback; and
  • What may be differently done the next time?

Session 2: Design Thinking for Talent Acquisition: Refining Search Processes

Why should Recruitment Officer care about Product Design? Behind every successful product is a highly tuned process to drive idea generation, creative problem-solving, eliminating errors, and delivering results on time.

Recruiters can utilize principles of successful Product Design to unearth creative ways to find talent and eliminate the bottlenecks in their processes.

Candidate-engaged recruitment starts with a comprehensive process. Using Design Thinking, pioneered by firms like IDEO, Apple, and AirBnb, you can successfully build an end-to-end Recruiting process around the candidate.

This session is a call for Design Thinking and embracing the proven productivity processes in sourcing. It will unveil original survey research from hundreds of organizations as regard the current state of hiring processes; and recommends how to best simplify and focus those practices on talent acquisition customers.

Join this session to learn:

  • What would be the most efficient and effective recruitment processes are;
  • How to use Design Thinking to understand the motivations of candidates and hiring managers;
  • How recruitment processes may be redesigned to focus on talent acquisition; and
  • What the characteristics of an exceptional candidate experience are.

Session 3: Sourcing and Interviewing Do’s and Don’ts to Identify Ideal Candidates and Avoiding Legal Pitfalls

Employers and recruiters have discovered that a treasure trove of information on potential job applicants exists online. However, the unrestricted use of social media and search engines for sourcing, recruiting and screening can be risky.

This learning session will introduce HR Professionals and recruiters to the hidden dangers of using social media for hiring. Learn the legal ways to source and interview job candidates as to what questions you can and cannot ask; and which of your current sourcing practices may be exposing your company to legal risks.

Session 4: Brand-building Employee Experiences: Optimizing Employment Branding and Candidate Experience

Employment branding only works when it is an accurate reflection of your culture and what it is like to work at your organization. Organizations thrive when people love them. How employees feel at work is reflected in the customer experience. How then can we create amazing employee stories?

Connect with your organization’s identity or branding. Articulate the most desired ways of interaction with each other’s culture and craft compelling communications that connect individual human aspirations with the collective purpose.

This learning session will explore on how a strong connection between people, brand and culture inform the desired employee experiences for both organization and employee. It will cover the strategies and tactics to build a positive candidate experience that reflects the corporate brand identity and lessons learned along the way.

Join this session to learn:

  • How to improve engagement while attracting like-minded candidates;
  • Why and how connecting brand, people and culture will improve productivity, morale and the customer experience; 
  • Listen to your customer for invaluable insights that may be gained from your candidates; and
  • Practical examples of how investing in the employee experience can pay dividends among key candidate segments.


Session 5: Behavioral Interviewing: Tips and Leaps for Hiring Smart


Learn the importance and use of Job Analysis and Behavioral Interviewing to ensure candidate selection aligns with the needs of the organization. 

Discover techniques for determining the competencies or knowledge, skills and abilities needed for a position. Get tips on how to conduct effective and fair interviews. Gain insight into the debrief and selection process. 

Join this session to learn:

  • The changing hiring and retention landscape;
  • The overview of conducting Job Analysis and defining competencies;
  • Developing behavioral interview questions, rating scales and guides
  • Train interviewers and prepare them in conducting interviews; 
  • Evaluating and selecting candidates; and
  • Analyzing interview trends and retention strategies.

Session 6: Creating Onboarding Moments: Increase Engagement and Retention

When a company’s retention is low, it affects employee engagement. When engagement is low, it negatively affects the ability to retain good talents. How do you then stop the downward cycle?

A strong Onboarding Program can help. It does not have to be costly but make it intentional. This session will present the three phases of onboarding, unique concepts to connect with your company’s goals, measuring the effectiveness of your program, and how you can use onboarding to positively affect the employee engagement of the entire organization.

Learn how to make a positive impact on business by increasing engagement and retention through an often overlooked and underutilized tool: Onboarding.

Join this session to learn:

  • How to determine if your Onboarding program is effective;
  • The three phases of onboarding and processes;
  • Uncover unique concepts that may be customized to match the corporate vision, mission and goals; and
  • Find out how to use Onboarding to positively affect the employee engagement of the entire organization.

Session 7: Talent Mobility: The Key HR Practice for Retention and Engagement

Today’s agile organizations demand equally agile and dynamic Talent Management. Talent Mobility is the practice of recruiting internal workers before seeking external hires. This practice drives employee engagement and retention while lowering hiring and training costs.

This learning session includes research, case studies and practical ideas for implementation. It will help HR leaders to implement talent-mobility practices in their firms that improve engagement, retention and business outcomes.

Join this session to learn:

  • Learn what talent mobility is and how it works;
  • Review examples of other companies that have successfully implemented talent-mobility practices; and
  • Gain specific tips on building a business case for adoption and execution 0f this intervention.

Leaning Session Process

This learning session will utilize a variety of proven adult learning techniques to ensure maximum understanding, comprehension and retention of the information presented. This includes discussions, presentation of theories and principles, Writing Exercises and skill test and mini-exercises.

Learning Investment

Learning Investment for this 1-Day Summit

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