As you plan for your Recruitment and Talent Acquisition Strategy,

it is important to set goals to stay current and ahead

of industry trends and good practices.

 You need a Talent Acquisition Strategy built for today’s business environment. It needs to take an end-to-end, customer-centered approach to enable you to serve the candidates, hiring managers

and the business.

 One great way to accomplish this is to attend and participate

in the Recruitment and Talent Acquisition Summit. This is one

learning event you should not miss as you plan for 2019.

Save the date – November 28, 2018!

This one-day learning event is one of the significant highlights in our event calendar every year! From the producers of the Asia’s most anticipated learning events, ARIVA Academy offers you this must-attend learning event of innovative tools and strategies for recruiting top talents.

Recruitment and Talent Acquisition Summit 2018


Reinvent and Optimized Talent Acquisition

from Attraction to On-boarding

November 28, 2018

8:00 AM to 5:30 PM


Benavidez corner Trasierra Streets, Legaspi Village, Makati City, Philippines


877-6502 | 832-1409

(Globe) 0917-3257870

(Smart) 0919-6142598

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Relevant topics to take your Recruitment and Talent Acquisition

Session 1: Revolutionize Your Talent Acquisition Function

Resource Speaker: Acie Arroyo – Cruz

Human Resource Executive

In this session, you will learn:

  • Maturing from a transactional to engaged recruiting function
  • Embrace a flexible definition of ‘hired’ in a gig economy
  • Reduce cycle time-to-hire: Moving quickly from sourcing to on-boarding
  • Structure your team for optimal effectiveness; and
  • Differentiate the next gen recruiter?

Session 2: Predictive Analytics Enable Always-on Recruiting

Resource Speaker: Laiden Taguiba

Agile HR Thought Leader, Branding and Communications Executive

Senior HR Manager,

Every day a critical position goes unfilled in your organization, which cause you money lost. Whether it is lost sales revenue, decreased productivity or a lower quality customer experience, the cost is real. What if you could predict vacancies in key positions before they happen and build a talent pipeline ahead of your “Ready Later” talent needs?


In this session, you will learn:

  • Use analytics to predict near-future staffing needs
  • Build a pipeline of talent before vacancies appear for mission critical positions.
  • Avoid the lost revenue and low productivity that are the hallmarks of a chronically understaffed organization.

Session 3: Attract Great Talent with an Amazing End-to-End Candidate Experience

Resource Speaker: Ivy Paraluman De Borja

Senior HR Business Partner, Asia

Harte Hanks

Your candidate experience has an out-sized impact on your ability to attract and hire top talent. Build a great candidate experience and your quality of hire will likely improve too. We will present to you good practices from around the world to build and document an amazing candidate experience to help gain rabid fans of your company’s employer brand, culture, and people. This is not just mile-high level information. This are real strategy tools and hacks that you can implement today.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Know how to leverage your people to humanize your employment brand;
  • Learn actionable strategies, tools and hacks to improve your candidate experience; and
  • Identify new tools and technology trending and how you can apply them.

Session 4: Know How to Leverage the Power of Crowd sourcing and Ambassadors for Your Employer Brand

Resource Speaker: Mila Pascual-Nodusso,MIR,SHRM-SCP

Strategic HR Leader – IBM; 

Executive, HR Leadership & Career Coach;

Strategic HR & Business Partnership Enabler

Talent knows talent. We all know the importance of a great Employer Brand and attract passive talent. However, you need to know how to motivate your employees to become exceptional brand ambassadors that bring in the right people.

This inspiring segment will outline the top three employee motivations to great referrals.

In this session, you will learn:

  • What motivates top performers?
  • How do you connect with top motivations in your Employer Brand?
  • How can referrals be key to your long-term recruiting success?

Session 5: Advance Your Talent Attraction Strategy

Resource Speaker: Alpha Omega Aquino, SHRM-SCP

BPO Executive, Consultant

In this session, you will learn:

  • Creating a candidate-focused talent acquisition strategy
  • Truth and transparency: cornerstones of the employer brand
  • Modernizing customer-centric best practices to become an employer of choice
  • Designing your digital brand strategy for employer brand outreach
  • Understanding the multifaceted approach of recruitment marketing
  • Evolving your recruiting team to embrace the laws of attraction

Session 6: Get Proactive: Hot Emerging Trends and Best Practices in Talent Acquisition

Resource Speaker: Eric Riego de Dios

Director- Human Resources, Baker McKenzie Global Services Manila (GSM)

Recruitment isn’t simply posting jobs, screening resumes and interviewing candidates. In today’s competitive war for talent, companies must have a proactive recruitment strategy to be recognized by candidates as a top employer. Building relationships and making meaningful connections with candidates is imperative for companies to attract and recruit high-quality talent. Filling seats doesn’t cut it if a company wants to be competitive in the market place. But the challenge is transforming a reactive recruitment model to a proactive one.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Building talent communities to develop and nurture a talent pipeline
  • Developing an employment brand to attract top candidates and retain employ
  • Conducting market research for workforce planning purposes
  • What are top of mind for today’s top directors of acquisition
  • To the point on what is shaping future of Talent Acquisition: Snapshots into artificial intelligence, recruitment marketing and human-tech balance

Session 7: Hire Humans, Not Resumes

Resource Speaker: Coach Bernard Marquez

EQ Coach, Six Seconds, USA

Chief Operating Officer, Six Seconds, Philippines

Certified Strengths Coach, Gallup, USA

Certified Think Buzan Mind Mapping, UK

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to recognize candidates whose diverse experiences developed their passion and grit, which made them—and their organizations—successful.
  • To balance the efficiencies of technology and make sure technology isn’t getting in the way of making of the best hires.

In the War for Talent, organizations have to develop a multi-layered Talent Acquisition Approach to gain that competitive edge and attract the best choices of candidates. A Talent Acquisition Strategy should be high-touch: engaging with candidates throughout the entire Search and Placement Life Cycle: from Sourcing to Hiring and On-boarding.

The Recruitment and Talent Acquisition Summit will equip you to attract the right talents. Offering a fast-paced mix of engaging presentations, focused sessions, peer discussions, and professional networking, this dynamic learning event will enable you to gain critical core competencies you need to succeed.

With valuable insights from most renowned Recruiting and Talent Acquisition Experts, you will learn more of the innovative Recruitment Strategies and how technology may be leveraged to transform the way talent is sourced and brought into your organization.

One takeaway is to develop strategies that will attract and engage the right candidates while continually and creatively identifying new talent pool to find your next “Ready Now” high potentials. Discover insights and strategies from leading local and global HR Professionals.

ARIVA Academy gathers Talent Acquisition Experts, Directors and Leaders, Recruiters and Sourcing Professionals from around the world to discuss the “highs and lows” of this eventful function. They will share cutting edge strategies that work; find inspiration and ideas from the best in the business.

Learn how the most successful Recruitment Specialists and Talent Acquisition Leaders use their expertise and powers of influence to make strong talent decisions to attract and retain the right people.

3 Key Reasons why Attend this Summit:

1. Learn how to streamline a comprehensive talent acquisition function to engage talent. It no longer matters where talent is, but how you reach and engage talent. Our experts will demonstrate how they have built rock-star Talent Acquisition function by creating a centralized infrastructure; transforming recruiters into Talent Advisers; and using predictive analytics to roll out these measures.

2. Gain strategies to infuse innovative sourcing means to identify talent. You always have to update your best sourcing strategies with the newest tools. Our Resource Speakers will help you understand how to apply Human Resource Planning and Workforce Analytics; customize Referral Programs; and build effective Talent Communities.  

3. Know how to differentiate your Branding to attract talent. Is it possible to have an Employee Brand that attracts across different cultures, generations and roles? Our sessions will showcase how to create a global Employer Brand roadmap by aligning it to the business sense; integrating social recruiting solutions; and hiring the best local brand ambassadors.

Key benefits from attending this Summit

In this Summit, your participants and your organization will be able to:

  • Structure effective veteran recruiting programs
  • Use the interview process to calibrate competencies of the Hiring Team;
  • Engage and empower the candidate in each phase of the Recruitment Function;
  • Adopt new technologies to find and reach more candidates;
  • Create a team of employee advocates to strengthen your brand messaging;
  • Utilize referrals as key to long-term recruiting success;
  • Learn how Recruitment processes are re-designed to focus on Customers of Talent Acquisition;
  • Leverage talent relationship management (TRM) systems to save you time and money while driving measurable improvements in talent acquisition;
  • Use Recruitment Marketing to drive Active Engagement;
  • Deepen Engagement with candidates, both online and in person;
  • Implement a complex but meaningful Recruitment solution to resolve challenges;
  • Develop a sustainable Recruitment Partnership with significant conduits;
  • Isolate the most impactful data analytics to pinpoint hiring issues, optimize strategy and prove ROI;
  • Discern the best techniques for connecting with candidates through Social Media and other means; and
  • Appreciate and apply the top of mind approaches of top Acquisition Directors.
  • CHROs
  • CEO/MD
  • SVPs
  • COOs
  • CFOs
  • Presidents
  • Directors and Managers in: Talent Acquisition • Talent Management • Recruitment • Sourcing • Social Recruiting • Employer Branding • Human Resources • Marketing

This learning session will utilize a variety of proven adult learning techniques to ensure maximum understanding, comprehension and retention of the information presented. This includes discussions, presentation of theories and principles, Writing Exercises and skill test and mini-exercises.

Learning Investment for this 1-Day Summit:

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Some of the rave reviews from the previous run of

Recruitment and Talent Acquisition Summit

“Very good. More HR Training to come. I highly recommend your program/ service to my colleagues. Great speakers! Very fruitful and helpful to all HR Professionals. More power to all resource speakers. I silently want to be like them in the future. Thank you for this one day learning sessions. Great job, ARIVA! God bless ARIVA team!”

Jonaliza E. Badilla

“The resource speakers are very knowledgeable on the topics. It was an organized and well-managed program. Thank you for inviting us in this summit. The topic is very timely and relevant to the hiring situations that companies face today.”

Melanie Lao

Resource speakers are really subject matter experts. Realistic problems are given, realistic solutions and challenges. The event was successful in delivering the message to all the practitioners. Everything is worth doing and trying to improve on process and be aligned with the business. Job well done to ARIVA team! Kudos to everyone for a successful learning session.”

Mary Laveryn Naluz

Although it’s my first time to attend an event organized by ARIVA, it’s been a good experience. I learned a lot of knowledge and strategies. All of the speakers are excellent, not boring at all. I enjoyed every speaker. It was an excellent event.”

Mayca F. Gequillo




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