We, at ARIVA Academy, stands firm with our mission of producing fun-filled and high-quality learning events. We added the Safety and Health Factors, amidst the COVID-19 contagion, which is at large worldwide. The safety and well-being of our Participants, Guests, Speakers, and our ARIVA Team are our primordial and non-negotiable priorities. For months now, we have been vigilant against the threat of COVID-19. In view of this dire medical emergency, authorities campaigned for increased public awareness. ARIVA made better its precautionary measures and put them in place to cover our Learning Events. To ensure this, ARIVA Academy has stepped up measures to protect everyone’s safety by introducing new measures and adequate sanitation techniques.

Venue Partner

We are closely working with our Venue partners, which also observe their own precautionary measures. They have implemented additional hygiene procedures throughout all facilities in the hotel including increased cleaning and disinfection routines. All Hotel staff at entry and exit points, Food and Beverage, as well as offices in both front and back-of-the-house is well equipped with sanitizers, disinfectants, and surgical masks for sanitation measures. And as mandated by the Department of Health (DOH) Memorandum No.2020-0057, all guests entering private premises are required to undertake a temperature check. Guests whose body temperature is at or above 38°C, and with history of travel from China, Hong Kong and Macau, shall be directed to an holding area outside the hotel for consultation with the hotel medical doctor and may be taken to the nearest hospital. Likewise, asymptomatic guests with similar travel history will be directed to a separate holding area for consultation with the hotel medical doctor for clearance. In case of unusual emergency, our Venue partners are compliant to having 24/7 medical clinics with licensed nurse and physician on stand-by. For further information, hotel protocols and circulars in relation to COVID-19 issued by the DOH, you may be view www.doh.gov.ph/2019-nCov/interim-guidelines.


Ensuring a healthy and COVID-free Speakers and ARIVA Organizing Team. We assure that everyone in our Organizing Team is physically fit and in good health condition. Our team is encouraged to observe good personal hygiene, take their own temperature and seek medical attention promptly if they feel unwell. Foreign speakers and participants, who may be asymptomatic but traveled history will be directed to a separate holding area for consultation with the hotel medical doctor for clearance. Therefore, Travel History Form is required to be filled out by our Foreign Speakers and Participants.

Frequent reminders and house rules in relation to the COVID-19 prevention to our participants Constant reminders on COvid-19 were disseminated through our event confirmation guidelines, text updates, onsite announcements, and house rules.

Availability of Hand Sanitizers

As a precautionary measure, sanitizers as disinfectants shall be readily available at the Registration Area. Our participants are encouraged to observe proper sanitation upon registration thereby taking part of the country’s advocacy to contain and destroy the COVID-19. Free Surgical Face Masks in all our Learning Events to protect and to safeguard the health of our participants, we generously provide FREE surgical masks to all our participants upon registration. They are encouraged to wear masks through the entire learning event especially if they have coughs and colds. This practice of social responsibility will also help prevent the spread of viruses in shared spaces.

ARIVA Help Desk

Over the counter medicines and First Aid Kit are available at the ARIVA help desk with our OSH Certified employee to assist.

Vigilant Ushers and Usherettes

We have adequate number of well-trained Registration Team, Ushers and Usherettes on stand- by that vigilantly check the comfort and safety of our participants within our learning event premises.

Postponement or Re-scheduling of Learning Event

Postponement or re-scheduling our Learning Events shall be our option if COVID-19 worsen and the general public is directed by local authorities and related institutions such as Department of Health and DOLE prohibiting any gathering events, we shall comply accordingly.

The ARIVA Team welcomes participants, guests and speakers and reassures you of our commitment in ensuring a safe environment in our Learning Events. We shall pay due attention to the updates from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the requirements of local authorities. We will continue to follow their recommendation and remain vigilant around the situation.