People Managers Leadership Summit 2019
People Managers Leadership Summit 2019

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Join more than 500 People Managers, HR Leaders, CEOs, and Key Executives in the gathering of top leadership summit in the Philippines. Capacitate competence and enhance your leadership as you interact with senior leaders across industries.

People Managers Leadership Summit 2019

Innovate Lead Transform

Driving Exceptional HR Leadership

to Engage and Inspire an Evolving Workforce

March 28, 2019

8:00 AM to 5:30 PM


Meralco Avenue & Sapphire Road,

Ortigas Center, Pasig City

Take on fresh insights and innovative tools highly required of People Managers and HR Leaders. Capture the new challenges each day brings as you sit at the Executive Board to diversely brainstorm and negotiate; analytically appraise situationers; firmly counsel employees; strategically manage conflicts; insightfully deal with problematic workforce; prioritize and delegate assignments; and much more.



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The People Managers Agenda

In a changing world where people and innovation intersect, HR leadership needs to be at the forefront to proactively shape forward-thinking business strategies with their best assets.

As businesses depend heavily on the capabilities of their people to gain that sought-after value proposition in an increasingly competitive and disruptive landscape, HR is directed to seize the opportunity in bringing about change and new thinking to the table; embrace diversity of thought; and transform an innovative vision from inception to stark business reality.

The People Managers’ Leadership Summit is an annual and significantly immersive one-day learning event when and where chief HR Leaders and Practitioners are gathered to share and take stock of the big bets through collaborative learning and sharing. 

The summit provides a platform for Senior Leaders to discuss impact of new trends and technologies as intertwined with the role of HR. It will pursue ways to develop People Leaders in dealing with an ever-evolving and demanding workforce.

This exciting Leadership Summit puts your professional development at the forefront with field-proven strategies and techniques in core areas, which are absolutely essential to your success. This will include discussions on how to build high-performing teams, inspire and motivate people, how to be a more powerful leader, and much, much more!

Listen to seasoned HR Practitioners on the new brand of HR Leadership to engage people, invigorate culture and align people with purpose. Meet to discuss tactics and strategies to accelerate revenue growth and profitability.

Who Should Attend

This summit is suitable to a wide range of professionals but will greatly benefit:

EGM/GM/ Directors/ VP/ Heads of Human Resources, Human Capital, and Business Partners involved in People and Culture, Corporate Services, Learning and Organizational Development, Workforce Engagement, Talent Retention, Learning and Development, Gender, Diversity and Inclusion

Speakers and Agenda

Being a True CHRO: Putting People Before Strategy

Resource Speaker: Michelle Cordero-Garcia

Vice President – People, TaskUs 

2018 Board President, People Management Association of the Philippines (PMAP)

An organization’s success depends on how well individuals work together to overcome obstacles and adapt to an ever changing business landscape. Yet most companies relegate their Human Resource department to a supporting role that is only brought in to implement decisions that have already been made.

It’s time for HR to make the same leap that the finance function has made in recent decades and become a true partner to the CEO. Just as the CFO helps the CEO lead the business by raising and allocating financial resources, the CHRO should help the CEO by building and assigning talent, especially key people, and working to unleash the organization’s energy.

Elevating HR requires totally redefining the work content of the chief human resources officer—in essence, forging a new contract with this leader—and adopting a new mechanism we call the G3—a core group comprising the CEO, the CFO, and the CHRO. The result will be a CHRO who is as much a value adder as the CFO. Rather than being seen as a supporting player brought in to implement decisions that have already been made, the CHRO will have a central part in corporate decision making and will be properly prepared for that role.

These changes will drive important shifts in career paths for HR executives—and for other leaders across the company. Moreover, the business will benefit from better management of not just its financial resources but also its human ones. 

Michelle Cordero-Garcia shares some insightful thoughts on the importance of people in any leadership enterprise. People are truly more important than strategy. 


Leading with Purpose: How HR Leaders Can Help Future-Proof the Workforce 

Resource Speaker: Eric Riego de Dios

Director, Global Talent, B&M Global Services Manila, Inc.

Today, change is global. Its impact touches everything and everyone. Its momentum is gaining strength, propelling us forward at a dizzying pace. However, exponential change also holds the promise of exponential growth. 

In today’s ever-changing world, there is a demand for new skill sets every year. For organizations to survive in the long term, it is imperative they ensure staff remain future-ready and embrace a culture of lifelong learning. New core skillsets for employees will enable HR leaders to help future-proof their businesses and employees’ careers. 

Let’s explore a few critical trends that can help business leaders future-proof their workforce — and their enterprises. Learn the strategies to accelerate talent development, reshape your culture, and succeed with purpose.


Transforming HR as a Strategic Business Partner

Resource Speaker: Mila Nodusso MIR, SHRM-SCP

Strategic HR Leader (Asia Pacific Region), IBM Corporation

HR Transformation and Organization Effectiveness Consultant

Executive & Transformational Leadership Coach, CALS

Partner Speaker and Consultant, ARIVA Academy Philippines, Inc.

Goodbye Personnel Department! Hello Strategic Business Partner! 

Gone are the days when HR professionals were only seen as the individuals responsible for hiring, training, terminating, writing and enforcing policies and procedures, and maintaining paper personnel files. Instead, HR professionals are relied upon to think critically and align the HR Department’s goals with the organization’s overall strategy.

Today, HR is required to play an active role in the business. To participate actively in business strategy making and to add value to the organization, HR professionals should have an understanding of the business and their enhanced role as a business partner.

As an HR professional, you need to enhance your skill sets and adopt a new strategic mindset to advance your career and your business.

The session is designed around an idea that effective HR professionals are those, who take a keen interest in the business and have effective relationship building skills with line managers, with whom they work with. While the HR professionals are keen to contribute, there is a need for them to really understand how they can add value to the business and this is what the session is about. There are certain challenges with the present HR business partners to be more business aligned and think from an outcome or impact perspective.


Capitalizing on Team Resource Strengths

Resource Speaker: Coach Pia Nazareno – Acevedo

Certified Professional Coach and Relationship Expert


Gallup Philippines Representative

Author, Focus on What Matters and Born to be a Hero

In order to lead a top-performing team, you need to do more than direct and delegate work. Truly effective managers are able to recognize the unique strengths of each team member and optimize all those natural gifts. If you’re in a leadership position, it might sound like a daunting task, but it’s not. The first step is paying attention, identifying each person’s strength and then managing around those essential skills. 

Research from the Gallup Organization’s State of the American Workplace found that building on employee strengths is much more effective in raising performance than trying to improve weaknesses.

Gallup also found that when employees become aware of their strengths, they become 7.8 percent more productive. Teams that focus on strengths every day have 12.5 percent greater productivity, while individuals who use their strengths every day are six times more likely to be engaged on the job and less likely to leave their company.

The results include increased productivity, improved performance and higher employee engagement and retention. Capitalizing Strengths of Your Team Members, It allows organizations to grow by tapping into the inner-passion and abilities of people that sometimes can’t even be taught. But easy? Doesn’t seem so. It takes commitment, diligence and a whole lot of care for individuals — which let’s face it, some companies say they care about but don’t have time to implement.

So while the model of strengths-based organizations is working swimmingly for some, how can others who are new to the concept even begin to emulate them? Learn from Coach Pia Acevedo on how to Capitalize on Each Team Member’s Strengths.


Preparing Your Organization for Millennial Leaders

Resource Speaker: Jonathan Allen Yabut

Season 1 Winner “The Apprentice Asia”

Motivational Speaker and Asia’s Millennial Guru

Partner Speaker and Consultant, ARIVA Academy Philippines, Inc.

Are You Ready for Millennial Leaders?

Is your organization prepared for the wave of Millennial leaders that will soon flood every industry?

We know that 91% of millennials aspire to leadership. They also have very strong opinions on what leaders should do. On the other hand, many also recognize where they are lacking in competencies as well. Millennials seek leadership positions to empower others and to create change. Only a very small minority do so for compensatory reasons or to establish a legacy.

The future of business will be radically different than enterprise today. Why? 

Not because of technological change, as you might think, but because millennials will dominate the workforce and the leadership ranks. And because they’re bringing with them ideas and practices unlike anything seen by previous generations. These will shape how leadership works in the future in new and profound ways.

This session will examine different strategies and programs that can support your current and future leaders and explore their strengths, weaknesses, and leadership style based on new research. To learn more about preparing your millennial workforce for leadership roles don’t miss this session with the Asia’s Millennial Guru, Jonathan Allen Yabut.


Redesigning the Employee Experience through Design Thinking

Resource Speaker: Dr. Jaclyn Lee

Chief Human Resource Officer,

Singapore University of Technology and Design

2019 will finally be a year where leaders will start to focus on developing the “Employee Experience”, an ecosystem that integrates three core dimensions: engagement, culture and performance management. In this one hour session, Dr Lee will share on the Megatech trends that will emerge in 2050 and how these trends will impact HR. Through this impact, HR practitioners will need to re-look at the Employee Digital Lifecycle and learn how to design this lifecycle using the concepts of Design Thinking. This is necessary in order to achieve peak performance and employee satisfaction. 


Dr Lee will also share on the Design Thinking process and how it empowers HR to be more innovative and creative. She will explain the techniques of Design Thinking which incorporates Agile and Employee Journey Mapping. delegates can expect to learn the latest techniques and understand how to apply such concepts in their workplace as they lead HR transformation in their respective organizations.


The Power of Team Coaching for Elite Performance

Resource Speaker: Coach May Soriano

Executive, Corporate and Life Coach

Chief Empowerment Officer of Coachmay, Inc. (CMI)

Partner Speaker and Consultant, ARIVA Academy Philippines, Inc.

Enhance the potential of every employee to become more effective, productive and committed.

Every employee can reach higher levels of performance, including your average and best performers. What they need is a manager who can coach: someone who can routinely observe, assess, and interact in ways that develop and maximize their individual effectiveness. This is your learning session to raise their potential and level of performance and get the most out of your team.

This learning session is designed to help HR Professionals and Managers become more effective leaders in enhancing employee performance by bringing out the best in their subordinates. Managers learn the different roles as well as skills of a coach and adopt a more empowering leadership style. This would mean going first through individual reality check, creating from within so that the leader can create from out and inspire with a healthy body, mind, heart and spirit!

In this session, you will learn critical coaching and mentoring skills for driving improved performance in your team. Develop competencies and confidence in people. Promote a “can-do” attitude for getting the job done well..


Leading through VUCA: Adopting a Head-on Learning in a Rapidly Changing World 

Resource Speaker: Ricardo “Ricky” C. De Vera, CSP, CMP

International Strategic Management & Behavioral Leadership Mentor

Chief Sales and Marketing Strategist, ARIVA Academy Philippines, Inc.

With the advent of the ‘internet of things’ the rapid changing market places, business advances progressing faster every day, as a leader: How can you lead and manage your people, as well as your organization, in this ever changing world? 

Despite being beneficial at time, these changes have brought with it increased volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity or, as it’s now known in leadership terminology as – VUCA. VUCA is now seen as the ‘new norm’, with ‘VUCA Leadership’ defining the new art and style of leadership in the 21st Century.

Leading through VUCA session will provide you with the confidence, skills and techniques to fully understand the implications of VUCA on your people and your organization. It will enable you to conduct and apply the techniques required to master this new style and art of leadership.

By the end of this session, you will have the confidence to control VUCA effectively, thereby increasing your expanding leadership knowledge and mastery. This learning session is essential for those who wish to learn key behavioural principles in leading people in today’s rapidly changing VUCA world.

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