COVID-19 Employment and Employee Benefits

Does your company observe DOLE Compliance Guidelines

in dealing with government-mandated benefits?

Are you aware of the latest benefits and assistance

on Covid-19 from SSS, Pag-Ibig and Philhealth? 

Do your employees feel valued and rewarded working in your organization?

Are you ready to inspire and drive a Culture of Productivity at your workplace?

Happy employees lead to happy clients!

Promote employee retention as you motivate your employees

and refrain from getting into labor and employment disputes.

Regardless of the nature of your business and the number of people you hire,

you have a legal and moral responsibility to provide your workers with government-mandated employee benefits under the Labor Code of the Philippines. Employers

ust comply with the laws that protect the rights of employees against discrimination

and unfair labor practices.

Attend this 1-day online Learning Session.

COVID-19 Employment and Employee Benefits

Employer’s Guide on Government-Mandated Employee

Benefits, Coverage, and Contributions

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

10:00 AM – 12:00 NN PHT

2:00 PM – 5:00 PM PHT


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Webinar Description:

COVID-19 is radically changing how employees view their work conditions and benefits, the pandemic reveals gaps in what the employer can still offer an provide. These prompt workers to wonder if their company can still do enough to help them.

Although the coronavirus pandemic has put employee benefits in a new spotlight, the crisis also has caused a drop on how employees perceive the value of what their employers can provide. They trust and expect their Management to make the best benefits decisions.

Benefits are the safety net people bank on during uncertain times. It is crucial that employers communicate what employees have access to—whether they are working from home or in an essential role that calls them into the office.

Planning employee benefits for the 2021 presents HR with rather unique challenges, given that the outlook on the COVID-19 pandemic is still an unknown mystery and mind-boggling challenge. As employers await word on health plan costs for 2021, which insurers usually provide in November, they must decide how to allocate and apportion the benefits budget, choose which changes in benefits programs are to be communicated to employees.

Webinar Objectives:

The specific objectives of this unique fun-filled online learning experience are:

  • Create awareness and advocate compliance and conformity on DOLE’s newly-updated Labor Law System and Standards;
  • Employer’s Guide and Updates on Mandatory Employee Benefits and Contributions in the Philippines;
  • Employers must know the Penalties for Violation of Rules on Mandatory Employee Benefits;
  • Aid in the formulation of an appropriate Welfare Benefit Scheme that is most suitable in boosting organizational growth; and
  • Maximize the positive impact of Employment and Employee Benefits for both the employer and employee.

Key benefits in attending this Webinar:

In this webinar, your organization will be able to:

  • Avoid the risk of being penalized due to non-compliance on DOLE’s new Labor Law System and Standards;
  • Gain a competitive advantage through an effective planning and implementing a Welfare Benefit Structure ; and
  • Learn the elements of Employment and Employee Benefits and make it the motivation platform for your employees.

The participants are expected to:

  • Absorb Foundation skills in the management of Employment and Employee Benefits;
  • Capture the essential knowledge and crucial understanding of DOLE Regulation Compliance;
  • Be aware of the latest benefits and assistance on Covid-19 from SSS, Pag-Ibig and Philhealth; and
  • Strategize a well-organized Total Rewards and Recognition System for your organization.

Webinar Agenda:

Session 1: Labor Advisories and Guidelines during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Speaker: Nicanor V. Bon

Chief, Policy and Program Development Division Conditions,

Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE)

A. Labor Advisory No. 06 Series of 2020

Guidelines on the Payment of Final Pay and Issuance of Certificate of Employment

B. Labor Advisory No. 09 Series of 2020

Guidelines on the Implementation of Flexible Work Arrangements as Remedial Measure Due to the Ongoing Outbreak of Coronavirus Diseases 2019 (COVID-19)

C. Labor Advisory No. 11 Series of 2020

Supplemental Guidelines Relative to Remedial Measures in view of the Ongoing Outbreak of Coronavirus Diseases 2019 (COVID-19)

  • Salient Features
  • Leaves of Absence During the Community Quarantine
  • Holiday Pay Deferment and Exemption
  • Holiday Pay Deferment

D. Labor Advisory No. 14-A Series of 2020

Supplemental Guidelines on the Non-Inclusion of the Community Quarantine Period in the Six-Month Probationary Period

E. Labor Advisory No. 17 Series of 2020

Guidelines on Employment Preservation upon the Resumption of Business Operation

  • Work From Home (WFH) or Telecommuting Work
  • Alternative Work Schemes (AWS)
  • Wages and Wage-Related Benefits
  • Entitlement of Terminated Employees
  • Reporting Requirement

F. Labor Advisory No. 17-A Series of 2020

Establishment Report Form

G. Labor Advisory No. 18   Series of 2020

Guidelines on the Cost of COVID-19 Prevention and Control Measures

H. Labor Advisory No. 26   Series of 2020

Payment of Wages and Other Monetary Benefits through Transaction Accounts

1. Revised Rules on the Administration and Enforcement of Labor Laws pursuant to Article 128 of the Labor Code

  • General Provisions
  • Establishment’s Labor Standards Requirement
  • General Labor Standards
  • Routine Inspection
  • Complaint Inspection
  • OSH Investigation
  • Procedure on Correcting Violations
  • Procedure after Failure to Correct Violations
  • Work Stoppage Order
  • Refusal of Access to Records and/or Premises
  • Compliance Order
  • Miscellaneous Provision

2. Labor Standards Updates

  • Daily Minimum Wage Rates – NCR
  • Normal Hours of Work
  •  Meal and Rest Periods
  • Weekly Rest Day
  • Rules for Pay on Regular Holidays and Special Days
  • Overtime Pay [ART.87]
  • Night Shift Pay [ART.86]
  • Monthly-Paid
  • Service Charge [ART.96]
  • Payment of Wages
  • Wage Deduction
  • Unauthorized Deductions
  • Leave Benefits
  • Service Incentive Leave
  • Paternity Leave
  • Parental Leave of Solo Parents [RA 8972]
  • Leave for Victims of VAWC [RA 9262]
  • Special Leave for Women [RA 9710]
  • The Special Leave Benefit
  • Other Monetary Benefits
  • 13th Month Pay [PD 851]
  • Separation Pay [ART.298-299]
  • Retirement Pay [RA 7641]
  • ECC Benefits for Work-Related Benefits

Session 2: Home Development Mutual Fund (Pag-IBIG Fund): Provident, Benefits and Programs of Pag-IBIG Fund in Time of Public Health Emergency

Speaker: Mr. Mervin Pereda

Branch Manager – HDMF – SM Aura-Taguig Branch

A. Provident Programs

  • Pag-IBIG Savings
  • Modified Pag-IBIG 2 (MP2) Savings
  • Multi-Purpose Loan
  • Housing Loan
  • Calamity Loan
  • Emergency Support through the Calamity Loan Program

B. Provident Benefits Claims

C. Home Lending Programs

D. Short-Term Loan Application (A Step-by-Step Guide)

Session 3: Social Security System SSS: Benefits and Assistance on COVID-19

Speaker: Mr. Jhomer C. Gonzales

Corporate Executive Officer II

Member Education Department – Social Security System

A. Membership and Contributions

  • SSS Benefits
  • New SSS Contribution Schedule
  • Condonation of Penalties for Delinquent Employers
  • E-Services
  • Value of Membership

B. Unemployment Benefit

  • Qualifications
  • Amount of Benefit
  • Filing of Application

C. Calamity Loan Assistance Program (CLAP)

  • Eligibility
  • Loan Amount
  • Payment Term and Deadline of Payment
  • Interest Rate and Penalty
  • Availment Period
  • Online Filing of Application
  • Release of Loan Proceeds
  • Other conditions

D. Moratorium on

  • Payment of Contribution
  • Short-term Loan amortization

E. Sickness Benefit claims of members and employers

F. Maternity Benefit

  • Expanded Maternity Leave Law
  • Allocation of Maternity Leave Credits

G. Disability Benefit

  • Qualifying Conditions

H. Pension Loan Assistance Program

I. Funeral Benefit

J. Death Benefit

  • Beneficiaries

K. Employees Compensation

L. SSS Loan Programs

M. For Pensioners

  • Temporary Suspension of ACOP
  • Advance Crediting of Pension

Session 4: PhilHealth Policies, Coverage and Benefits Packages for COVID-19 Patients

Speaker: Mr. Raymond P. Acoba

Chief Social Insurance Officer

Head , Public Affairs

Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PHILHEALTH)

A. FULL Financial Risk Protection for health workers and and patients against COVID-19

B. Benefit Package for inpatient care of probable and confirmed COVID-19 developing severe illness/outcomes

C. Benefit Package for Testing

D. Benefit Package for COVID-19 Community Isolation

E. Primary Care Benefit

F. Outpatient Benefits/Coverage

G. Other Benefit Packages

H. Adjustment in the Premium Contributions of the Employed 2020

I. Salient Features of RA 11223: The Universal Health Care Act

J. Latest Policies on Philhealth



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